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Viva La Vida Live

Since having gotten this song stuck in my head since I saw the Apple advert for it, I’ve wanted to see it performed live–or rather recorded live.

I’ve seen the MTV VMA’s performance. In which I am not sure whether it’s the recording, the microphone, or just Plain Chris Martin whom sounds slightly squeak-ish and nervous sounding at three parts of the song. It gets better but it doesn’t offset the those noticeable squeaks of the voice.

The performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live seems to suffer the same voice blemish afore mentioned, yet it’s a bit of a more lively performance as opposed to the MTV VMAs.

The one that’s on the money is the one done in Amsterdam (oh joy!) at the Paradiso. I believe that this is due to the fact that the it’s an old church and that the album was recorded inside various churches. Thus rendering the sound akin to that on the album:

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I can’t even remember the last time I posted herein…(ok, so I do remember)

Brought back due to the brokenness of Baywords in my experiment of being “Uncut”

I have taken the liberty to post here what I posted over there:


The X-Files


Viva La Vida

Some Help From Sudan


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(Having now heard “Viva La Vida” 45 times now since having gotten it) I went and got DMZ #21-31 off Bittorrent.

DMZ #3

Although I am caught up to #22–I forgot to deselect the files I didn’t need. I also have DMZ #1 in comic book form. (I try to stray away from downloading comics, alas in order that I do not fall so behind the loop, I have to do so at times. I try to purchase issues when they’re available for me to do so but at times I am not able to.)

Writing about my various pulls brings to mind that I must write some sort of manifesto–along those lines as well as some kind of disclaimer. Then again who cares–this is me uncut.

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Viva La Vida

I started the morning off (although I have yet to sleep due to sickness) with pulling five tracks of Viva La Vida by Coldplay off BitTorrent. In reality it was only for two as I had three of the five in the download due to getting Violet Hill off Coldplay’s website and the other two due to some scouring.

I’ve had 30 seconds of Viva La Vida stuck in my head for weeks now since I read/heard/saw the Apple commercial:

I was going to seek out the particular song then, however I was unable to to do so due to my internet inability…

Now I can hear the song in it’s entirety and not have to play the 30 second .flv that I downloaded of it…

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