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Newspapers, iPhones Prepaid, and thensome…

So about 18 days ago I placed an Order for some magazines and today I placed an order for ESPN Magazine.

I’m already thinking about Cancelling one of the three newspapers I subscribe to because it barely has any news stories in it.

Going on with the newspapers…

I was surprised that The Washington Times had the story of the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, VA near Dulles International Airport my former home base for when I worked for United just outside D.C.

I remember the last time they were here four years ago and driving to work at Dulles passing by there via Route 28. Interesting thing is that I have an aunt whom worked at the said Marriott in Chantilly, VA and she has told me of “the bigwigs” whom arrive, how they shut the hotel down, etc.

I didn’t think they’d be back again at the same hotel and unfortunately I wish my aunt still worked at that particular hotel.

Anyways I read in the NY Post (which I subscribe to) that Cricket will be having the iPhone available Prepaid on June 22. I think its way overdue–and I would have thought the prepaid route was the way Apple would go but hey…

I’ve even given the thought to buy one and I haven’t bought anything Apple in seven years since my disillusionment back in 2005 when I bought a Powerbook G4 and then months later Apple changed to Intel…anyways yeah…

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iPhone 5 Prepaid

I think it’s a long time coming.

If the iPhone 5 comes out with the option of being prepaid it will be impressive to see the sales along with the usual contract sales which in and of themselves will be impressive.

I’d even think about getting an iPhone despite my turn off by AT&T and the whole experience I had.

It’s definitely unsailed waters.

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