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Newspapers, iPhones Prepaid, and thensome…

So about 18 days ago I placed an Order for some magazines and today I placed an order for ESPN Magazine.

I’m already thinking about Cancelling one of the three newspapers I subscribe to because it barely has any news stories in it.

Going on with the newspapers…

I was surprised that The Washington Times had the story of the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, VA near Dulles International Airport my former home base for when I worked for United just outside D.C.

I remember the last time they were here four years ago and driving to work at Dulles passing by there via Route 28. Interesting thing is that I have an aunt whom worked at the said Marriott in Chantilly, VA and she has told me of “the bigwigs” whom arrive, how they shut the hotel down, etc.

I didn’t think they’d be back again at the same hotel and unfortunately I wish my aunt still worked at that particular hotel.

Anyways I read in the NY Post (which I subscribe to) that Cricket will be having the iPhone available Prepaid on June 22. I think its way overdue–and I would have thought the prepaid route was the way Apple would go but hey…

I’ve even given the thought to buy one and I haven’t bought anything Apple in seven years since my disillusionment back in 2005 when I bought a Powerbook G4 and then months later Apple changed to Intel…anyways yeah…

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I typed on My Hermes Rocket Typewriter the other day.

Funny I did it because I don’t have a printer(–yes, its bad I know. In this day and age…). Yet it made the process of typing all the more worthwhile. Insomuch I actually posted something. Madonn.

I love my Hermes Rocket. If one day computers ceased (…yes, the horror) I’d be fine typing away on my typewriter.

Which reminds me I need to finish typing my novel on it. Anyways…

Which brings me to this…I bought a Motorola Razr…

No, not that Razr.

This Razr:

–The Motorola Razr V3 Matte Black. Although the Droid Razr is very nice, its rather a wee bit large for my taste. Beside all other things I’d like to have it but probably Verizon won’t let me. Even if they did I don’t much like the $299.99 price tag. Who knows, maybe in six years I’ll buy it! Look at the price drop of the V3 Matte Black:

Indeed .

“Why?” you ask would I purchase such device in 2011–almost 2012…probably for the same reason I bought the Hermes Typerwriter.


Yeah, I’m going to use it. I like the fact that it’s a GSM Quad Band phone–although that fact may not be so useful as before as I am no longer employed by the airline and don’t travel outside the Continental USA that much anymore. Although if I go to Canada or even Puerto Rico again (although my Virgin Mobile phone worked perfectly there. Oh, I miss thee Puerto Rico). But overall it’s form factor and nostalgia.

Plus I’m kind of tired of the whole smartphone thing too. I totally blame the iPhone and AT&T for that. Mostly AT&T–yeah,  AT&T. As I couldn’t even use the phone part of the iPhone 85% of the time.

I was going to just use my iPhone 3G on T-Mobile but that wouldn’t be as much fun. Maybe I’ll have to buy an iPhone 2G. ^_^

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This Changes Everything. Again.

Indeed, Apple. This iPhone 4 does change everything.

Of all the hype on the new iPhone, I rarely hear of the uproar, or at least not enough of users who have maintained their guns (in this case iPhones) since before the 3GS.

Apple is doing again what they did to users back with PPC and Intel.

–They leave them on the curb. Apple used to be known for their support. I had in 2005 an iMac G3 running Mac OS X 10.4

Now you purchase a product and almost set in stone within 2 years you won’t be able to use it to your liking. Actually lately it’s been ond and a half.

Truly technology advances. Yet there are better ways to go about it and not leave your users on the curb.

Twice already I have been left with a product fairly recent less than two years old and mostly feeling obsolete.

So there’s multitasking…in the OS for the iPhone. If you don’t have the 3GS–no you can’t have it.

Faithfulnessto the brand so not rewarded at all. So for those whom have remained un-jailbreaked thither you must go as there remains no other path for you.

For those whom stayed true with PPC–even with the Mac Pro G5…to the crub you were sent.

In all honesty it’s more of the same.

Yes, updates and refinements here and there. Yet more of the same.

I’d prefer to purchase an iPad…yet I’ll talk more of that later.

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