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This Changes Everything. Again.

Indeed, Apple. This iPhone 4 does change everything.

Of all the hype on the new iPhone, I rarely hear of the uproar, or at least not enough of users who have maintained their guns (in this case iPhones) since before the 3GS.

Apple is doing again what they did to users back with PPC and Intel.

–They leave them on the curb. Apple used to be known for their support. I had in 2005 an iMac G3 running Mac OS X 10.4

Now you purchase a product and almost set in stone within 2 years you won’t be able to use it to your liking. Actually lately it’s been ond and a half.

Truly technology advances. Yet there are better ways to go about it and not leave your users on the curb.

Twice already I have been left with a product fairly recent less than two years old and mostly feeling obsolete.

So there’s multitasking…in the OS for the iPhone. If you don’t have the 3GS–no you can’t have it.

Faithfulnessto the brand so not rewarded at all. So for those whom have remained un-jailbreaked thither you must go as there remains no other path for you.

For those whom stayed true with PPC–even with the Mac Pro G5…to the crub you were sent.

In all honesty it’s more of the same.

Yes, updates and refinements here and there. Yet more of the same.

I’d prefer to purchase an iPad…yet I’ll talk more of that later.

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