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2 Days with “Bioshock Infinite”

I obtained my copy of “Bioshock Infinite” on March 26th but didn’t have an opportunity to play it till early afternoon on March 27th.

I stopped playing today (March 29th 00:58AM EST) at “Emporia

I’m currently playing the game on medium and planning to do a run through on hard and the 1999 mode.

In this run-through I’ve sparingly used firearms and mostly have Sky-Hooked the frak out of enemies including the Zealot of the Lady, The Fireman, Beast, and Motorized Patriot without too much difficulty. The Handyman has proved to be more of an effort via melee only.

The weapons I’ve been using exclusively are the Founder Triple R Machine Gun and Barnstormer RPG and I haven’t even used anything else.

One of the first things I upgraded with infusions were the shield followed by health and salts.

Of all the Vigors I’ve been mostly using Murder of Crows and have upgraded that one to the max. Upon obtaining Charge and Undertow I’ve used those in unison. Looking forward to Return to Sender.

I’ve had the following Gear equipped most of the time (when available): Electric Punch, Ammo Advantage, Brittle-Skinned, and Vampire’s Embrace.

I’m taking my time as well. Picking up lockpicks, voxophones, looking through telescopes and taking the optional side quests too.

The game is gorgeous even playing on the Xbox 360. I hope I have an opportunity to play this on a PC (whenever I can rig/buy one to play this at least on high:)

I like everything about this game. I think once I crank the game up in difficulty I’ll get more usage out of the weapons. If you’re thinking, ” is it worth getting…?” …yes, it is.

The story’s pace is excellent–just right. The dialogue is top notch and load times are minimal.

I’m highly pleased and looking forward to the DLCs.

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