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Newspapers, iPhones Prepaid, and thensome…

So about 18 days ago I placed an Order for some magazines and today I placed an order for ESPN Magazine.

I’m already thinking about Cancelling one of the three newspapers I subscribe to because it barely has any news stories in it.

Going on with the newspapers…

I was surprised that The Washington Times had the story of the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, VA near Dulles International Airport my former home base for when I worked for United just outside D.C.

I remember the last time they were here four years ago and driving to work at Dulles passing by there via Route 28. Interesting thing is that I have an aunt whom worked at the said Marriott in Chantilly, VA and she has told me of “the bigwigs” whom arrive, how they shut the hotel down, etc.

I didn’t think they’d be back again at the same hotel and unfortunately I wish my aunt still worked at that particular hotel.

Anyways I read in the NY Post (which I subscribe to) that Cricket will be having the iPhone available Prepaid on June 22. I think its way overdue–and I would have thought the prepaid route was the way Apple would go but hey…

I’ve even given the thought to buy one and I haven’t bought anything Apple in seven years since my disillusionment back in 2005 when I bought a Powerbook G4 and then months later Apple changed to Intel…anyways yeah…

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I Think I’m Not Getting an iPad 3G + Wi-Fi

Cutting to the chase. There’s no unlimited plan. Capped at 5GBs a month. True other carriers charge more for the same cap (Sprint Mobile Broadband $59.99 on 3G/Unlimited on 4G).

My thing is that there was an unlimited plan. Offer it. I’ll pay $35 for it–possibly $40…maybe. But AT&T has gone screwed it over.

I’m not alone when I say this but AT&T has gone and screwed over Apple. From the fiasco earlier today with the iPhone, and the whole iPad email thing. AT&T has proven not just in the past months but certainly overall, that they suck.

I’m already almost decided that if I don’t continue to have unlimited data on the iPhone after my contract ends–I’m not renewing.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’d rather purchase a Wi-Fi enabled iPad than purchase an iPhone 4.

I’m not overtly excited about it. It looks nice indeed. But I’m not excited.

I saw the HTC Evo and was impressed. The whole Wi-Fi Hotspot also caught my attention. I liked it.

I’d have to pay for that over at AT&T.

I’ve had Sprint before and I’d prefer them over AT&T. I never had a dropped call with Sprint.

I hadn’t even experienced a drop call till I got an iPhone on AT&T’s network.

I’ve had my share of cell phones on different networks. From Alltel Wireless, Nextel (before Sprint), Sprint (after Nextel), Helio (on Sprint’s Network), T-Mobile, and then finally AT&T.

I’ve had issues with them, mostly regarding billing, overcharges, wrong data plans, voice plans, etc. Which were all corrected.

Yet with AT&T I had the main issue with the actual voice/data service.

I digress however.

My other reason for not yet purchasing an iPad is the whole retina display. I feel that soon. Rather than later. Apple will release a retina display iPad. If I purchase an iPad within the next three months and in a month after my purchase they release a new iPad. I think I’ll be fairly certain I might not buy an Apple product for a long time.

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This Changes Everything. Again.

Indeed, Apple. This iPhone 4 does change everything.

Of all the hype on the new iPhone, I rarely hear of the uproar, or at least not enough of users who have maintained their guns (in this case iPhones) since before the 3GS.

Apple is doing again what they did to users back with PPC and Intel.

–They leave them on the curb. Apple used to be known for their support. I had in 2005 an iMac G3 running Mac OS X 10.4

Now you purchase a product and almost set in stone within 2 years you won’t be able to use it to your liking. Actually lately it’s been ond and a half.

Truly technology advances. Yet there are better ways to go about it and not leave your users on the curb.

Twice already I have been left with a product fairly recent less than two years old and mostly feeling obsolete.

So there’s multitasking…in the OS for the iPhone. If you don’t have the 3GS–no you can’t have it.

Faithfulnessto the brand so not rewarded at all. So for those whom have remained un-jailbreaked thither you must go as there remains no other path for you.

For those whom stayed true with PPC–even with the Mac Pro G5…to the crub you were sent.

In all honesty it’s more of the same.

Yes, updates and refinements here and there. Yet more of the same.

I’d prefer to purchase an iPad…yet I’ll talk more of that later.

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Viva La Vida Live

Since having gotten this song stuck in my head since I saw the Apple advert for it, I’ve wanted to see it performed live–or rather recorded live.

I’ve seen the MTV VMA’s performance. In which I am not sure whether it’s the recording, the microphone, or just Plain Chris Martin whom sounds slightly squeak-ish and nervous sounding at three parts of the song. It gets better but it doesn’t offset the those noticeable squeaks of the voice.

The performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live seems to suffer the same voice blemish afore mentioned, yet it’s a bit of a more lively performance as opposed to the MTV VMAs.

The one that’s on the money is the one done in Amsterdam (oh joy!) at the Paradiso. I believe that this is due to the fact that the it’s an old church and that the album was recorded inside various churches. Thus rendering the sound akin to that on the album:

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Viva La Vida

I started the morning off (although I have yet to sleep due to sickness) with pulling five tracks of Viva La Vida by Coldplay off BitTorrent. In reality it was only for two as I had three of the five in the download due to getting Violet Hill off Coldplay’s website and the other two due to some scouring.

I’ve had 30 seconds of Viva La Vida stuck in my head for weeks now since I read/heard/saw the Apple commercial:

I was going to seek out the particular song then, however I was unable to to do so due to my internet inability…

Now I can hear the song in it’s entirety and not have to play the 30 second .flv that I downloaded of it…

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Some Help From Sudan…

No, not the country, but an open Wi-Fi network that I am able to get from my apartment.

The last time I was able to use this particular network and it rendering data was back at the end of February and some time early in March–since then I have had to resort to Wi-Fi from Panera and a Library for internet access from time to time.

It was rather funny how I came to find out that this particular network was actually working. I was sitting on my couch with my Wife, Athena1, about to Watch some episodes of “The Boondocks” on my PowerBook G4 when I was searching with Spotlight for them that some logs of Bacn IM girl’s conversation’s came up. I wanted to show my wife some of them so I proceeded to.

iChat started up and connected–I shrilled with glee that it had connected. I started up Skype and began to call my mother and went directly to The Drudge Report.

I then told my wife that I should try to see if I could DCC something–she agreed and told me to resume my download of Semi-Pro. Quickly I typed away on JIRCii and began to download the DVDRip of Semi-Pro.

It’s a ‘stable’ fluctuating download speed of 70kbps to 94kbps and 50kbps when I am reading feeds. Sure it’s going to take about 2hrs to download anything but it’s better than having to deal with Panera‘s timing out internet and the bypassing of firewalls at Library.

Also I got on Twitter and started sending some updates–which reminds me I should do the same with WriteSomething too.

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