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Radio and Podcasts

My fascination for radio and the medium as a whole is almost as expanse as my newspaper/magazine reading. I started listening when I was 7 years old.

I usually listen and read so many things to the point of overload.

Radio stations I usually listen to:

570 WTNT (defunct)

820AM The Gamut

740AM Zoomer Radio



1030AM WBZ



100.3FM WBIG

Radio shows I oftentimes listen(ed) to:

Matt Drudge: The Drudge Report (defunct)

Truckin’ Bozo

Coast to Coast AM

The Sean Hannity Show

The Savage Nation

Ground Zero

Mark Levin


When I was younger and in school I’d get home and listen to the shortwave/am and listen till I went to sleep at 10pm or 11pm. This was way back when the internet was not ubiquitous and I didn’t even have a computer at home.

I’d sit and try to pick up whatever I could. I became fascinated with the curious pop up stations that repeated numbers in Spanish and Russian as well as other languages. The aptly named: Number stations.

This scanning of stations instilled the desire to learn languages as I desired to understand what I heard over the various stations on shortwave.

I still carry my shortwave radio and people ask me all the time what I’m doing as I shift around to obtain reception. I enjoy the conversations that come due to my radio listening.


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The Pirate Bay

From one day to the next it goes from being aganist the grain to mainstream…

Oh, PirateBay that I used to know where art thou?

“Croatia Too Dangerous”-Nas

Nas isn’t doing a show in Zagreb, Croatia because he says it’s too dangerous.


I was in Zagreb and in Split, Croatia in ’06 and I can’t imagine why he’d be think that.

Then again I’m not Nas.

However, I think of maybe one or two reasons why he may claim it’s too dangerous–for him at least, to perform there–but we won’t get into that here lol 😛

Here Comes The Judge…

A Federal Judge Ordered Vice President Cheney’s Visitor Logs to be opened

Somewhere along the lines I guess it was asked what for and what was it’s purpose…

Wait, wait–let me get this straight…

Oh, oh, so when someone in the ‘inner circle’ gets asked to ‘take one for the team’ it’s ‘invasion of privacy’, huh?

When it’s the American people it’s called ‘preventing terrorism’…

Really all this Federal Judge had to do is invoke ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorist’ somewhere in his order and it would have been given to him–whatever it is he asked for and, and…a bag of chips.

Seriously, he should have read that ‘terrorism’ has now replaced please–whoa that sounded wrong.

Pentagon Keeping Tabs; Among Other Things

“…the Bush administration has restricted photographs of the coffins of military personnel returning to the United States and the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations taken by the news media, the videos give average Americans a level of access to combat scenes rarely available before…”

So people’s YouTube accounts get frozen and/or terminated–due to the above.

But they’re censored because the Pentagon censored them?

Freedom of Speech anyone?

People who upload them are kept tabs on?

“…the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations”

This sounds very ‘fishy’ to me to say the least.

Actually I have the video which is described in the article as having, “sniper attacks in which Americans are felled by snipers as a camera records the action and of armored Humvees or other military vehicles being hit by roadside bombs. ”

…that video is quite old though–I got it quite a while back.


What, don’t we got the MPAA for that?

What crime has anybody commited–show me the probable cause here–what gives a reasonable cause to keep tabs on any American citizen in such manner without a said warrant given by a court?


I’ve been using ShiftSpace which is a, “second layer on top of a webpage (a street level above a subway station). These top-level neighborhoods will offer a rich topography, overlapping each other and spanning the web to create virtual cities built on top of any website. These ‘Spaces’ are composed of modular applications, each adding a specific capability. One space might allow for text annotation and discussion, while another could accommodate a collaborative collage work, with a third providing links that support or refute the underlying webpage’s core argument. ShiftSpace accompanies each webpage, unobtrusively hidden until invoked by the user with the keyboard shortcut shift + space. In that sense ShiftSpace is the stairway to the lively street above the station, should you choose to take it. ”

It’s pretty cool.

Go check it out

First Install Greasemonkey

then Install ShiftSpace version 0.03

The Pirate Bay Down–For Now

No one can say it better than the Pirate Bay themselves so I’ll let them speak for themselves:


In the morning of 2006-05-31 the Swedish National Criminal Police showed a search warrant to Rix|Port80 personnell. The warrant was valid for all datacentres of Rix|Port80 and was directed at The Pirate Bay. The allegation was breach of copy-right law, alternatively assisting breach of copy-right law.

The police officers were allowed access to the racks where the TPB servers and other servers are hosted. All servers in the racks were clearly marked as to which sites run on each. The police took down all servers in the racks, including the non-commercial site Piratbyrån, the mission of which is to defend the rights of TPB via public debate.

According to police officers simultaneously questioning the president of Rix|Port80, the purpose of the search warrant is to take down TPB in order to secure evidence of the allegations mentioned above.

The necessity for securing technical evidence for the existance of a web-service which is fully official, the legality of which has been under public debate for years and whose principals are public persons giving regular press interviews, could not be explained. Asked for other reasoning behind the choice to take down a site, without knowing wether it is illegal or not, the officers explained that this is normal.

The TPB can receive compensation from the Swedish state in case that the upcoming legal processes show that TPB is indeed legal.

So anyways freakin’ MPAA is all happy about this stating that Swedish Authorities have ‘sunk’ the Pirate Bay…ha, ha, ha…oh, that’s funny MPAA–now they’re trying to be comedians. Wow. They call the ‘operators’ of the Pirate Bay ‘criminals’ whom have ‘profited’ ‘handsomely’ from ‘facilitating’ “distribution of copyrighted” works. Well first of all–they have ‘profited’ off the ads that are on their sites–and not the ‘copyrighted’ works. They ‘facilitate’ torrents not the actual ‘copyrighted’ materials. Torrents do not have ‘copyrighted’ works. Anyways the MPAA is dumb.

But what I think is truly interesting is “the strange political power that they held in their homeland. There was much discussion even of a political party. This will be interesting to watch unfold.”

As far as for more details on this you can check out some more stories here or you can go onto Google News and see more stuff there. At least I am glad about their outlook–” “We are not sure when it will return, but we are moving it to another country if necessary.”