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It’s been a while and then some but I’ve bought my first laptop in some years.

I opted for the Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-111

Chromebook 11 CB3-111-C670

I’ve been exclusively utilizing my iPad 2  for my computing needs mostly as a consuming media device.

I have two laptops (one over 5 years old and the other at over 2 years old) weighing in at over 5lbs in weight and not at all suitable for carrying–lugging around.

I had my year with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

That demonstrated to me that most but not everything can be done without aid of a laptop with some concessions.

Coldfustion convinced me of that:

Then I spent my time solely using an iPhone 5s.

At which point I began using an iPad 2 for the majority of my computing usage.

But I’m nostalgic and desire a physical keyboard. The form factor of a laptop is heavy on my mind.

I thought I’d go the Macbook Air route (used however) because I’d be carrying it around.

But running Linux and Chrome OS peaked my interest–with it being built upon Gentoo.

Along with a low (very low) entry price. It was worth delving into a Chromebook.

My only complaint thus far is the lack of a Caps Lock button and the search button in its place. However with some usage I should stop my caps lock habit.

I’ll see how it goes.


Closed Internet

…No one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet,” says FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

It is a blatant lie however. The last time I checked the Federal Communications Commission was an independent agency of the United States government. Furthermore the FCC exists to regulate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. Now however you can add the internet. Just so we are on the same page, regulate means:

vt reg·u·late\ˈreg-yə-ˌlāt\
:  to control or direct according to rule or law <regulate the testing of experimental drugs>
:  to fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
reg·u·la·to·ry\-lə-ˌtōr-ē, –ˌtr-\adjective
So there, no one except the US government or rather the FCC should be able to control the internet–that is wrong. It is doublespeak.
Any edict, which is what this is anyways, coming from the FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler should be looked as suspect. The man is a former lobbyist for telecom companies–cable and wireless. He is also a major campaign contributor to Barack Obama giving $38,500 from 2008-2011. It is already been stated that the only reason that this is taking place is because, “Obama told us to do so.”
So let us get this straight:
  • The FCC will control (regulate) the internet.
  • No one from the public or Congress was allowed to read the regulations.
  • FCC did this because Barack Obama told them to do it.
  • FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, a former telecom lobbyist, Obama contributor enacted this.

This is supposed to be great? I think this may force people to get licenses to operate websites, tax per website, megabyte, or gigabyte–maybe all these.

Closed internet–lest you are taxed and pay the tax.

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46 Days with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

(I’ve had this review on the Note II on backlog for months and was in my draft folder so I finally decided to press post. Madonn, about time.)

Prior to the Note II I could not have imagined using a phone to the extent that I have.

First the screen is gorgeous. You don’t know how cramped other phones are till you’ve used the Note II. (The Note II is the size of a Gameboy Color or the size of the screen of the original Kindle Fire.)

Yes, its big but thats only because you haven’t experienced how fluid it is to type, browse, and view videos.

I have almost weaned myself from my laptop. The battery life on average with me is eighteen hours with heavy use. Its been so great, I at times forget to charge it!

The only complaint that comes to mind is that my phone has the Verizon logo on the home button. That’s pretty much it.

I can send videos to my Xbox 360 with it with no HDMI cable or MHL adapter along with pictures too. Yeah, Touchwiz may have its quirks but all in all its solid.

Some features are niche–the Smart Stay and the tilt zoom. Others excellent–the multiwindow enabling actually split screen multitasking is awesome. Pop-up browser and video floating is splendid. I’m having a grand old time even almost two months in. Thr stock Samsung keyboard with numbers is oh so great.

I’m not the least bit disappointed. I can (actually) play some nifty android games and thensome. So its great.

Pain & Gain

Certainly was no pain watching this film.

The trailers for this film do not do it any justice. Bear in mind that this film is based upon a true story.

With that in mind this film takes you on a ride. Fast paced and gritty–thanks to Michael Bay at the helm. It has really good lighting and interesting cinematography. What this lacks in diaglouge it makes up with plot…and what a plot it is. Excellent work by all the actors involved. It was a pleasure watching this film on actual film. If you’re still able to see it (in film or otherwise) you won’t be dissapointed.

Despicable Monsters

I enjoyed this a slight better than “Monsters Univerisity” however I have the same peeve while watching them both…blur and pixelation. They were the despicable monsters in both films.

Digital Projection for “Monsters Univeristy” and “Despicable Me 2” is bad. It’s worst in “Despicable Me 2” when I couldn’t read the text because it was blurred out. I certainly wished I had seen it on film as opposed to digital.

Moving on from my particular dislikes the film is a very solid sequel. It kept me laughing and entertained throughout.

“Monsters University” however had me expectant of much more. All in all “Monsters University” was very good. Yet “Despicable Me 2” is a notch above it. I felt the film was a bit drawn out and it was more drama than comedy. I felt a little cheated at the end by the time the credits started rolling because I wanted to see their rise in Monsters Inc. via Monsters University but that didn’t happen on screen, it was implied. It was if it was prelude to Monsters Inc. 1/2. All in all I enjoyed it. The animation superb.

“Despicable Me 2” though had me laughing and engaged–almost brought a tear to my eye at the very end. It’s very well written and I wouldn’t have minded if it went a little bit longer.

With this film as with the previous one, I want a prequel for Gru and how he came to obtain his minions and Dr. Nefario.

One made full and the other one just right.

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2 Days with “Bioshock Infinite”

I obtained my copy of “Bioshock Infinite” on March 26th but didn’t have an opportunity to play it till early afternoon on March 27th.

I stopped playing today (March 29th 00:58AM EST) at “Emporia

I’m currently playing the game on medium and planning to do a run through on hard and the 1999 mode.

In this run-through I’ve sparingly used firearms and mostly have Sky-Hooked the frak out of enemies including the Zealot of the Lady, The Fireman, Beast, and Motorized Patriot without too much difficulty. The Handyman has proved to be more of an effort via melee only.

The weapons I’ve been using exclusively are the Founder Triple R Machine Gun and Barnstormer RPG and I haven’t even used anything else.

One of the first things I upgraded with infusions were the shield followed by health and salts.

Of all the Vigors I’ve been mostly using Murder of Crows and have upgraded that one to the max. Upon obtaining Charge and Undertow I’ve used those in unison. Looking forward to Return to Sender.

I’ve had the following Gear equipped most of the time (when available): Electric Punch, Ammo Advantage, Brittle-Skinned, and Vampire’s Embrace.

I’m taking my time as well. Picking up lockpicks, voxophones, looking through telescopes and taking the optional side quests too.

The game is gorgeous even playing on the Xbox 360. I hope I have an opportunity to play this on a PC (whenever I can rig/buy one to play this at least on high:)

I like everything about this game. I think once I crank the game up in difficulty I’ll get more usage out of the weapons. If you’re thinking, ” is it worth getting…?” …yes, it is.

The story’s pace is excellent–just right. The dialogue is top notch and load times are minimal.

I’m highly pleased and looking forward to the DLCs.

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Bioshock Infinite

Missed the midnight release but getting my copy here in a little bit. I watched some livestreams on Twitch but I’ve been awaiting for theRadBrad to upload his walkthrough. He’s a stupendous walkthrough creator with hilarious comments: