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Radio and Podcasts

My fascination for radio and the medium as a whole is almost as expanse as my newspaper/magazine reading. I started listening when I was 7 years old.

I usually listen and read so many things to the point of overload.

Radio stations I usually listen to:

570 WTNT (defunct)

820AM The Gamut

740AM Zoomer Radio



1030AM WBZ



100.3FM WBIG

Radio shows I oftentimes listen(ed) to:

Matt Drudge: The Drudge Report (defunct)

Truckin’ Bozo

Coast to Coast AM

The Sean Hannity Show

The Savage Nation

Ground Zero

Mark Levin


When I was younger and in school I’d get home and listen to the shortwave/am and listen till I went to sleep at 10pm or 11pm. This was way back when the internet was not ubiquitous and I didn’t even have a computer at home.

I’d sit and try to pick up whatever I could. I became fascinated with the curious pop up stations that repeated numbers in Spanish and Russian as well as other languages. The aptly named: Number stations.

This scanning of stations instilled the desire to learn languages as I desired to understand what I heard over the various stations on shortwave.

I still carry my shortwave radio and people ask me all the time what I’m doing as I shift around to obtain reception. I enjoy the conversations that come due to my radio listening.


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What I’ve been Playing

Predominantly GTA Online and more recently on PC. Gorgeous.

  I’ve been playing this off and on for sometime now. It’s an acquired taste.

 I’ve won 11 matches out of 16 and played for an hour. I’m sold.

  I don’t think I’ll grow tired of this game. 

Angry Birds

They have some vision Rovio does. However they may have waited too long to release a movie. The film was fine. Slow to develop–laughs and gags abounding. However 70 millon of their own money and they’re up 150 million gross worldwide as of this writing seems to have paid off. It was okay and I would watch a sequel but hopefully they continue to gather up more meaningful backstory as to their abilties.


What a sad little town.
I’ve always enjoyed the cinematography in “Banshee” saw it more as long running film than a television series.

It almost didn’t feel like the end although it was. It was quick and well done and miles more satisfying than “Dexter”. That’s because it really did end.

If you haven’t watched it’s a treat. Although it is an espresso of drama with gratuitous, well most everything. Not for the faint of heart.

Splendid run.

Hebrew and Egyptian Gematria; Space Docker and Mural Observations

This came to me due to seeing the background of this TED talk about 32 common symbols on caves:

My first thought was actually, “Is this a TED talk about Mount Chiliad? Geez, its finally come to this–oh, wait.”


Going off what the game states, the answer is right in front of us:


I remembered of how I have always thought the alleged ‘jetpack man’ on the Chiliad mural:

always looked like the Hebrew letter ‘gimel’:

Which then reminded me about Hebrew gematria and Hebrew Otiot.

Which led to some curious observations.

Gimel’s gamtria is the number 3. Which reminds me of the three playable characters. Its otiot is a person in motion–a poor man running and it also means camel. Its root means to give, to deal or to wean. Justified Repayment. To give either reward or punishment.

Which of course reminds me of Michael have to repay some money. That they had to run–put him in witness protection, etc.

So seeing that I looked at the ‘UFO’

and thought of the hand of Hamsa:


which means that “humans cannot escape from the eye of conscience” which reminds me of Trevor. Also interesting usage of hamsa is the fifth day of the week, “Thursday is considered a good day for magic rites and pilgrimages.” Which I thought may indicate that yoga or Epsilon robes should be attempted on Thursday?

I thought of the ‘egg’:

of “He is risen” the sunrise, etc.

It reminded me of Khepri:


God of rebirth and the sunrise. Associated with the Scarab beetle–the dung beetle:


that navigates via the milky way.

I thought of the Space docker which is a dune buggy


and how the Egyptians thought the eggs of the beetle came into being out of nothing. Possibly take the Space Docker on a Thursday?

I also recalled the Hebrew pictographs:


when I saw the glyph on the Space Docker:


If I’m not mistaken it reads (from right to left):

Pey, Pey, Lamed, Tzadiel, Khaf, Hey, Pey, Dalet Pey

17, 4, 17, 5, 20, 90, 30, 17, 17

Remember every letter is a number and has a mystery:

Here’s more about Hebrew letters as numbers.

I thought of the ‘x’ on the mural (which could be the Hebrew letter) and thought of Teth which reveals both good and evil, a man in rebellion or a man in surrender. Teth represents the Number 9 and also 15.

So could the answer, instructions or more clues come in this form.

Am I seeing what I want to see or is this viable?

Can it be Pareidolia because I know Hebrew letters and I am making it work?

I hope this is something or triggers someone’s mind to a solution, etc.

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Hardcore Henry


It is a literal non-stop, gory, gratuitous violence, no holds bar, dizzying spectacle of a film.

If the trailer of the film makes you have motion sickness  you’ll be blowing chunks in the film.

Once the film goes, it goes and doesn’t let up. It’s not going to be everyone’s or someone’s cup of tea. It’ll be one person excellent cup of tea. If violence makes you queasy than you’ll be utterly disgusted here.

The cinematography is its point of view and I like it. The music was very neat. The humor was there and was comedic relief.

I became disoriented at one point but I believe that was due to my usage of corrective lenses.

Hardcore Henry” is a glimpse of what an action/adventure/shooter with VR should aspire to. It was an analog VR experience.

There were plot holes as big as some characters had in this film but the action and recurring humor make it forgivable.

It was enjoyable and unique I think.

If you can fathom it, go. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, you expected too much.

What I’m Watching…

I’ve Watched plenty of Television shows over the years. I’ve gone hiatus on some series. Even with Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go I am still particular with the shows I commit to watch. As at times it is a commitment. I decide to watch a handful of shows.

This is what I am currently watching:



Fast paced with a nice reoccurring music riff to denote issues. They must be wary of the focus on secondary characters though. Nice little suspense, neat drama in seaweed wrapper.


Produced by JJ Abrams. Gritty, Orwellian thriller, substance, great acting and reeling suspense. A true rollercoaster when it picks up.


Scored and filmed brilliantly. Period drama oozing with character, charm, wondrous thrills, and attire. It’s  neatly errie and enjoyable.  Produced by Steven Soderbergh.


Curiously seemingly real-life inspired plots with anti-hero. Moderately paced action puzzling drama.


What I was watching:


Amazing acting, at times a lot of filler and slow paced drama. I am only a handful of episodes behind. Really is a treat to watch.



Poised and well paced situational drama with great acting. Satisfying to watch. I am really behind on this one. More than two seasons.


Quirky, fun moderate paced drama with some curious twist in overall plot. Lots of filler and slow to reveal if at all overall season plot. I haven’t watched in years.


Excellently cast, scored and filmed. Ambiance is splendid. Moderately paced drama with immense charm and tact. Unfortunately cut short at its prime due to issues with horses involving the humane society. I refuse to watch the last couple of episodes so its not ruined for me. It has been years.