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Firefox 3.0

I got the new version of Firefox about 5 hours after it’s initial release.

I’ve been using Firefox before it was even called Firefox and before it was Firebird as well (it was called Phoenix then). I can then definitely testify to it’s much new facelift and quickness, etc.

Although recently (for about 9 months now) I have been using Camino more and more.

The awesome bar–not so awesome for me–I like it’s scrolling but other than that it’s too early to give a solid review of the browser.

However I am still enthralled with Bon Echo and how much it reminds me of the old Firebird and it’s usage.

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Jerry Falwell died today at the age of 73 and a lot of people have their stance and opinions about him and his work.

No one has more of an opinion than Larry Flynt.

Yet Larry Flynt was respectful when he addressed the death of Falwell.

To the point of saying that they became friends of a sort.

TMZ decided to the mock Falwell death with following:

Okay it’s not that much a mock to get all upset about but what does that say about TMZ?

Does it say anything?

I mean Larry Flynt whom you’d expect would be mocking or saying things, I’m not saying that he doesn’t or hasn’t but clearly the man has shown some sort of decency and respect when it came to addressing the death of Falwell.

Yet here we have TMZ mocking the death, albeit in a soft manner, but mocking nonetheless.

Sure it’s nothing much but I mean I think it says something as to what “zone” the TMZ Staff was in when they posted this.

eh, something to think about next time you read TMZ, if you read it at all.

Al Qaeda Has ‘Job’ Applications?

What? They have ‘job’ applications?

Al Qaeda has ‘job’ applications?

“‘It’s a membership application — just the way you or I would fill out an application for a credit card company,’ said Jack Cloonan, former head of the FBI’s Osama bin Laden squad in New York and now an ABC News consultant, who reviewed the document. ‘They’re no different.'” (emphasis mine)

I’m expected to believe that Al Qaeda is no different than a credit card company–that filling an application is for them is like filling one out for a credit card company? What?

How backwards is this type of thinking?

Al Qaeda Applications? How conveinent is that? Is there a job hotline too? What’s Osama’s office extension huh?

ABC News has the section in the article:

“Applying to Al Qaeda Inc.”

They’re Incorporated now? Heh, they might be joking yes but then again the whole article seems like a joke too, as far as the applications.

These so called convenient ‘job’ applications from Al Qaeda are supposed to be key evidence for Jose Padilla?

The guy has been held since June 9th, 2002 as an enemy combatant under an order from President Bush that classified him as such and was sent to a military brig in South Carolina without any notice to his attorney or family–and without any criminal charges being formally made against him.

“So? He’s an alleged terrorist”

Exactly alleged, it’s innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.

The guy was held for years in military custody with no formal charges–it’s like hey, where’s habeas corpus?

Oh, and get this there’s also speculation that he’s the John Doe no. 2 of the Oklahoma City Bombing(?)

So anyways after some little background, going back to the article it continues:

“‘Al Qaeda were great record keepers,” said Cloonan. “When al Qaeda was conceived of there were articles of incorporation. It was a very top to bottom organization. There was an organizational chart. You had an employment contract. … You had the remnants of an insurance plan. You have a salary … as a single member of al Qaeda, you are paid $1,000 a month. As a married member, you get paid $1,500.

‘And believe it or not if you choose to leave the group you had a buyout package. And that buyout package was $2,400 and airline tickets to wherever you wanted to go.‘” (emphasis mine)

Wow, who else but me finds that far-fetched?

I don’t doubt the effectiveness of intelligence gathering but geez, if you know what the guy ate for breakfast knew who he talked to on the cellphone, knew what he read online, knew he took flight lessons, knew he was in Germany on so and so date, knew where he lived in Germany, knew his telephone number in Germany, and blah blah and you know this a day after the terrorist attack on the U.S.–you suck, you freakin’ suck–what the freak are you doing?

Why know all the hijackers name and have all this video and oh, wow his passport was found in the debris of the Ground Zero and this and that–you know all this crap and why? –for the prevention of future terrorist attacks? Yeah, well you suck, you know all this info about these guys like days after the fact–like you have a freakin’ timeline days after the attack yet you didn’t know about the attack? Yeah face it, you freakin’ suck.

Now going back to the article–these guys know the workings of Al Qaeda know the inner workings of it–how they deal with their ’employees’–they know all these things yet they don’t know the things they should know?

Yeah I dismiss the idea of Al Qaeda ‘job’ applications.

Believe it or not, uh-huh, right about that–buyout package–insurance…wow.

US Foreign Policy Like Third Reich

Vladimir Putin in a speech commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany said that US Foregin Policy is compared to that of the Third Reich.

Interesting thing to note that as some of the things recently signed into law, speaking domestically that is,are parallel to those made in the Third Reich, like:

Section 1076 of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act that is almost parallel to Article 48 in the constitution of the Weimar Republic of Germany.

Which I mentioned back in October 30th, 2006 in regards to Martial Law Encouraged in the US.

Truly it’s something to think about as Putin says that the United States is “one single center of power: One single center of force. One single center of decision making. This is the world of one master, one sovereign.”

As Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Here Comes The Judge…

A Federal Judge Ordered Vice President Cheney’s Visitor Logs to be opened

Somewhere along the lines I guess it was asked what for and what was it’s purpose…

Wait, wait–let me get this straight…

Oh, oh, so when someone in the ‘inner circle’ gets asked to ‘take one for the team’ it’s ‘invasion of privacy’, huh?

When it’s the American people it’s called ‘preventing terrorism’…

Really all this Federal Judge had to do is invoke ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorist’ somewhere in his order and it would have been given to him–whatever it is he asked for and, and…a bag of chips.

Seriously, he should have read that ‘terrorism’ has now replaced please–whoa that sounded wrong.

Running A Meeting Like Google

Nice little list from Business Week about running a meeting like Google.

It’s all fine and well but My question is why is this on a Yahoo ‘site’…


Zero-Day Flaw In Firefox

So claim 2 ‘hackers’–Um, yeah, if the Mozilla “foundation offers $500 per reported bug” then why would they want to ‘unleash’ them to spam/malware industry? It’s dumb.