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Playstation 4 and 4 Steps back…


So I just found out that the Playstation 4 won’t have  DLNA support; which I’ve been using on the Xbox 360 with my Samsung Note 2 frequently (I haven’t touched my Playstation 3 since January). No MP3 support, no CD playback support and out of the box won’t support Blu-Ray playback, multiplayer as well as all the other features touted for this ‘next-gen’ console till you download a 300mb patch…?!  Oh and apparently no external drive support. Even the Xbox 360 recently gave in towards this!

Seriously this is something that I could have seen Microsoft do, pull back and fix it. Sony just made their console ‘next-gen’ as in for the other generation that wasn’t born when the Playstation 3 was released.

At $399 I expect this thing to be plugged in and do what it is touted to do and to improve on the features from its predecessors not get rid of them. I was leaning on purchasing a Playstation 4 in late 2014. …Whenever game publishers stop publishing on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 or I finish play my game queue, which ever comes first.

But with this development I’m not sure. True it’ll be almost a year till I pull the trigger on the either an Xbox One or Playstation 4 but it’s looking like I’ll know pretty soon where I’ll lean to.


The Pirate Bay

From one day to the next it goes from being aganist the grain to mainstream…

Oh, PirateBay that I used to know where art thou?

The X-Files

In anticipation for “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” due out on July 25th, 2008:

I am doing some pulls of the first season in order that I be ready.

True that it has been said that the film will “be apart from the “mythology” of the television series,” I still would like to refresh my memory of the series. As the series had just premiered when I was only six years old–plus I had just barely learned English at that point.

It would only come to barely peak my interest when it was in it’s 5th season and at that point (1997) I was preoccupied with my reading of classic literature and classical music.

I had at the time a stark stance of starting to watch something that I hadn’t watched from the beginning–of course there wasn’t any way of me researching it online at home as I wouldn’t have a computer till 1998.

The show would resurface on my radar 3 years later in 2000 almost at the end of Season 7. Some particular episodes I remember from that season: Episode 12: “X-Cops” and Episode 17 “all things”.

However due to my not having a stable internet connection (Sudan hasn’t been much help in my pulls) and speeds of 78kbps-92kbps my initial objective to watch all 9 seasons before July 25th is going really slow.

At this point I have had to download Episode 3 of Seasons 1 seven times already…I have been trying to finish the download since 5:38pm (6/12/08)…

So yeah, madonn to that…

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Some Help From Sudan…

No, not the country, but an open Wi-Fi network that I am able to get from my apartment.

The last time I was able to use this particular network and it rendering data was back at the end of February and some time early in March–since then I have had to resort to Wi-Fi from Panera and a Library for internet access from time to time.

It was rather funny how I came to find out that this particular network was actually working. I was sitting on my couch with my Wife, Athena1, about to Watch some episodes of “The Boondocks” on my PowerBook G4 when I was searching with Spotlight for them that some logs of Bacn IM girl’s conversation’s came up. I wanted to show my wife some of them so I proceeded to.

iChat started up and connected–I shrilled with glee that it had connected. I started up Skype and began to call my mother and went directly to The Drudge Report.

I then told my wife that I should try to see if I could DCC something–she agreed and told me to resume my download of Semi-Pro. Quickly I typed away on JIRCii and began to download the DVDRip of Semi-Pro.

It’s a ‘stable’ fluctuating download speed of 70kbps to 94kbps and 50kbps when I am reading feeds. Sure it’s going to take about 2hrs to download anything but it’s better than having to deal with Panera‘s timing out internet and the bypassing of firewalls at Library.

Also I got on Twitter and started sending some updates–which reminds me I should do the same with WriteSomething too.

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I think the last pull I did was of the 21 R5 which had a little bit of an audio problem.

I had to go into VLC and make the audio just be on the left and take it off stereo.

Also it took me about 2 days to download as I did it at Panera where the speeds vary from 50kbps to 170kbps and the internet timeouts every 20 minutes or so.

Other than that it was fine.

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The Golden Compass Aftermath…

I went and saw “The Golden Compass” it was so bad that whenever I think I see products or posters or anything related to it I walk away–it makes me cringe. I saw the book and I almost broke the shelf it was on…yeah it was that bad.

I know it’s supposed to be a trilogy but my brother has done better editing on a Hi-8 than what I saw in that–that thing whatever it was.

I was just reminded of it when I saw something about “Awake“–I think I should have ended up seeing that instead of whatever it was that I saw…come to think of it I would have preferred to see “Babel” and let me tell you that that right there is a big statement coming from me. 

“Babel” scored horribly with me and yet I am saying I would watch it again.

I rate “The Golden Compass” with -9 stars + I would not watch it even if it was a free preview and they gave me free popcorn, a pack of Coca-Colas and Twizzlers.  

Yeah it’s that bad. 

Movie Picks…(Something Like That)

I had written before that I wanted to do something about this blog

So my movie picks or something along those lines:

Terror’s Advocate:

I have been aching to see this documentary for very many reasons. The first being the studio that is bringing out this film. Those whom know me know that one of my favorite movie studios is Magnolia Pictures and that I will watch and enjoy most anything brought out by them.

Secondly I like all things related to Jason Bourne and Carlos the Jackal is a figure in all of The Bourne novels albeit in a fictional sense.

Third due to its subject matter.

Cassandra’s Dream:

It’s a Woody Allen film…Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farrel are in it.


This is just an astounding film and it’s so very intriguing. Also I like films that are based off of graphic novels.

In Bruges:

It’s the very first sequence that gets me and the lines: “‘Who’d you murder?’ ‘…you Father.’ ”

The Signal:

This is an moderately interesting film and I don’t like it’s overall feel but it’s being brought out by Magnolia Pictures…yeah, I like that studio that much.


Film inspired/based off of a real life event are always thrilling to watch.


Alcoholic Superhero who messes up things while trying to save people…need I say more?