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Weeds S04 E02

This episode was more of a slight return to it’s roots. There was the uncertainty of what was going to happen and what is going to happen with the DEA and other loose ends from Season 2…yes, there are still loose ends from then. Just one of the many frustrating things that made Season 3 of the show almost intolerable.

Season 3 was a detour of some sort and Season 4 hopefully will fix that.

Also no more little boxes theme song–it’s been done away with. Actually no theme song period. It’s very unoriginal and like, “What…that’s it?” When it was said that the series was going to be reinvented I thought it meant that. I have yet to see that.

The episode was decent–borderline decent. It was more of a ping-pong ball going back forth though.

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Almost a month before the actual film premieres a DVDScr has popped up of August.

It wasn’t on any of the servers yesterday so I got a torrent of it and have been downloading it since 6 o’ Clock in the evening. I was getting a rather decent speed (on my current connection anyways) of 56kbps; now however it floats around 6kbps to 20kbps.

At one point I even got an error stating: “leeching forbidden; you can only seed.”

Which is utterly untrue as at that point my ratio was 1.52 and currently is 1.59.

I have only downloaded 548MB and uploaded a 875.3 after almost 16hrs and the movie’s size is: 714.9MB

I hope to have this soon…or some time tomorrow at least.

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(Having now heard “Viva La Vida” 45 times now since having gotten it) I went and got DMZ #21-31 off Bittorrent.

DMZ #3

Although I am caught up to #22–I forgot to deselect the files I didn’t need. I also have DMZ #1 in comic book form. (I try to stray away from downloading comics, alas in order that I do not fall so behind the loop, I have to do so at times. I try to purchase issues when they’re available for me to do so but at times I am not able to.)

Writing about my various pulls brings to mind that I must write some sort of manifesto–along those lines as well as some kind of disclaimer. Then again who cares–this is me uncut.

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The Eye—of Vladimir Putin?

What kind of question is that? Why would you ask a question of that sort?

“What do you see when you look in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin?”

…and if you answer it what does that say of you? Does it say anything?

Why are we even looking into Putin’s eyes in the first place and why does it matter?

I had to go back and actually pause it and take a snap of the frame.

It’s only up on the video for a short time.

Brad Pitt Makes Weird Sounds

I always enjoy this picture–Brad Pitt likes to look like he is going to the Bathroom and the following:

Making weird noises. The noise was so disturbing that even the lady in the back is repulsed by it (rofl) I think it may have gone something like booowwkkkahkahrahboi…

Movie Picks…(Something Like That)

I had written before that I wanted to do something about this blog

So my movie picks or something along those lines:

Terror’s Advocate:

I have been aching to see this documentary for very many reasons. The first being the studio that is bringing out this film. Those whom know me know that one of my favorite movie studios is Magnolia Pictures and that I will watch and enjoy most anything brought out by them.

Secondly I like all things related to Jason Bourne and Carlos the Jackal is a figure in all of The Bourne novels albeit in a fictional sense.

Third due to its subject matter.

Cassandra’s Dream:

It’s a Woody Allen film…Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farrel are in it.


This is just an astounding film and it’s so very intriguing. Also I like films that are based off of graphic novels.

In Bruges:

It’s the very first sequence that gets me and the lines: “‘Who’d you murder?’ ‘…you Father.’ ”

The Signal:

This is an moderately interesting film and I don’t like it’s overall feel but it’s being brought out by Magnolia Pictures…yeah, I like that studio that much.


Film inspired/based off of a real life event are always thrilling to watch.


Alcoholic Superhero who messes up things while trying to save people…need I say more?

Paris Hilton is Out…

Something is wrong with that picture–oh, yeah she’s on Larry King Live–so that means Paris Hilton is out again.

Does this mean we’ll hear less of her?

Heh, don’t hold your breath–it means we’ll see and hear more of her…maybe.

So in spite that she’s out, she’s being judged in ways ‘unspoken’ take a look at what
CNN had to say:

Instead of Story Highlights they should have made that the story–because seriously they’re just killing themselves trying to put a spin on it–because of after you read that you’re reading the rest like, “heh, yeah right…” but you would be anyways (I hope so) but they took the fun out of it.

So they start off by stating that she’s said that, “…she has never used drugs, isn’t a big drinker, and although she feels her incarceration was unwarranted, God had a reason for putting her there…”

Okay so she or more like they, whoever they is in this–have brought the ‘god card’ into this. Now she says the incarceration was unwarranted–but says that God had a reason–so there we go that warranted her so called unwarranted incarceration–if she is going to play the ‘god card’ here then she is then alluding that god is able to allow her to go through this for a reason and therefore since god is able to allow such a thing to happen then such an event is not unwarranted…

Now I’m saying ‘god’ and not God as God of the Bible–as in the God of Genisis through Revelation because I’m not sure which god Paris is referring to–although you can assue–but assumptions can be wrong.

So the way I take it is she is blaming God for it–that God is punishing her and that this is about all God can do…uh-huh…

But you never know right, maybe–then again she wasn’t in Oz…or in Em City….

Now I’m not saying Jail is a bed full of roses because it certainly isn’t.

Heh, then I read this, “…Her imprisonment also reversed a mental disorder she said she had suffered from all her life.” … claustrophobia.

Likely–unlikely I don’t know…

Uh so yeah that was CNN but let’s get to the real stuff…

So we go to The Superficial for that:

Paris Hilton draws–but that certaintly doesn’t make her an artist:

Heh, she’s watching TV–Larry King Live and Harvey from TMZ…eh…

Oh and she’s being offered $1 Million Dollars for get this, to teach a, “…one-hour class on ‘How to Build Your Brand.'”

Now some steps were listed on The Superficial but I have some of my own…

1) Attend media events
2) Befriend people at media events
3) Attend media events with friends in Step 2 and repeat
4) Engage in promiscuous sexual behavior with friends; preferably with those friends and at the media events and record them on video
5) Leak video and sue entities which do so
6) Come to terms with entities only after it gets mainstream media attention, repeat.
7) Repeat Steps 1-4
8)Attend media events with little or no clothing as to expose genitalia and/or breasts, repeat
9) Get DUI
10) Invalidate probabtion
11) Make a scene of your sentencing
12) Hire supporters
13) Have supporters make a scene
14) Go to jail
15) Get on Larry King Live
16) Repeat

So yeah Paris Hilton is out…