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TV Mobile Apps

I haven’t had a cable subscription in almost two years. These shams of being able to watch live TV but you have to provide your cable subscription credentials are trash. When a cable company or even a premium channel company like HBO gives the ability to be able to use these apps via an ‘a la carte purchase then you can make announcements about these apps. Right now they’re about as useful as trash–only to be thrown away.

What more proof is needed than Netflix or even for that matter Hulu and Amazon Video for their viability?

This is what media companies should be complaining about. Their lack of progress–their ingenuity and not ‘piracy‘…

Stop making content so tied up. Cable TV subscription is an archaic form of DRM. The last frontier. Once this barrier is broken companies will see so much improvement.

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Running A Meeting Like Google

Nice little list from Business Week about running a meeting like Google.

It’s all fine and well but My question is why is this on a Yahoo ‘site’…


NES Cartridge Hard Drive Holder

This a cool mod where you basically just take out some screws and wear down some other screws and then place the hard drive there. Of course there are other steps involved. It’s cool though.

MySpace Modifying

Recently I have been reading about a multitude of MySpace modifications as well as things regarding to MySpace. I thought this article about MySpace ‘mod’-ing was cool.

Own Your Own Island

This is a pretty cool concept and some islands cost as much as a house. So yeah–it’s cool to look at.

2600 To Be Illegal?

Well 2600: The Hacker Quarterly might soon be illegal in the U.K. if new changes to the Police and Justic Bill go through. Basically the new changes say it would be illegal to: “to make, adapt, supply, or offer to supply any article which is designed or adapted to impair the operation of a computer, prevent or hinder access to a computer, or impair the operation of any program or access to any data.” Which would really suck for 2600 readers in the U.K.–talk about Free Speech huh?

Make Windows Look Like A Mac

It seems that you can transform a Windows XP Computing enviorment into one that looks and feels like Mac OSX. All you have to do is download the transformation pack from FlyakiteOSX. Although I point out several things I found strange on FlyakiteOSX ( toward the bottom of the page it states, “Please Note: is NOT associated with this
software at all.”

Chris Kite

>From: Webmaster <>
>To: Chris Kite <>
>Subject: Re: You know….
>Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 02:10:29 -0600
“,1] ); //–> is the official site for FlyakiteOSX. This site is NOT associated with this software at all.” Huh? Upon going to: I am presented with the following statement, “This site and its contents are not endorsed, associated or affiliated with Apple Computers, Inc.© in any way. If you are looking for more information about Apple software or hardware, please visit” Afterwards there is a link to a javascript application which ask me to log in. Now I am not sure what all of this means and what it has to do with making Windows look like a Mac but the fact that it has, “FlyakiteOSX DOES NOT contain any spyware or ad-ware of any kind.” worries me some. So if you use try this take heed as it may or may not be what it claims to be.