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Hebrew and Egyptian Gematria; Space Docker and Mural Observations

This came to me due to seeing the background of this TED talk about 32 common symbols on caves:

My first thought was actually, “Is this a TED talk about Mount Chiliad? Geez, its finally come to this–oh, wait.”


Going off what the game states, the answer is right in front of us:


I remembered of how I have always thought the alleged ‘jetpack man’ on the Chiliad mural:

always looked like the Hebrew letter ‘gimel’:

Which then reminded me about Hebrew gematria and Hebrew Otiot.

Which led to some curious observations.

Gimel’s gamtria is the number 3. Which reminds me of the three playable characters. Its otiot is a person in motion–a poor man running and it also means camel. Its root means to give, to deal or to wean. Justified Repayment. To give either reward or punishment.

Which of course reminds me of Michael have to repay some money. That they had to run–put him in witness protection, etc.

So seeing that I looked at the ‘UFO’

and thought of the hand of Hamsa:


which means that “humans cannot escape from the eye of conscience” which reminds me of Trevor. Also interesting usage of hamsa is the fifth day of the week, “Thursday is considered a good day for magic rites and pilgrimages.” Which I thought may indicate that yoga or Epsilon robes should be attempted on Thursday?

I thought of the ‘egg’:

of “He is risen” the sunrise, etc.

It reminded me of Khepri:


God of rebirth and the sunrise. Associated with the Scarab beetle–the dung beetle:


that navigates via the milky way.

I thought of the Space docker which is a dune buggy


and how the Egyptians thought the eggs of the beetle came into being out of nothing. Possibly take the Space Docker on a Thursday?

I also recalled the Hebrew pictographs:


when I saw the glyph on the Space Docker:


If I’m not mistaken it reads (from right to left):

Pey, Pey, Lamed, Tzadiel, Khaf, Hey, Pey, Dalet Pey

17, 4, 17, 5, 20, 90, 30, 17, 17

Remember every letter is a number and has a mystery:

Here’s more about Hebrew letters as numbers.

I thought of the ‘x’ on the mural (which could be the Hebrew letter) and thought of Teth which reveals both good and evil, a man in rebellion or a man in surrender. Teth represents the Number 9 and also 15.

So could the answer, instructions or more clues come in this form.

Am I seeing what I want to see or is this viable?

Can it be Pareidolia because I know Hebrew letters and I am making it work?

I hope this is something or triggers someone’s mind to a solution, etc.

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I’ve been using ShiftSpace which is a, “second layer on top of a webpage (a street level above a subway station). These top-level neighborhoods will offer a rich topography, overlapping each other and spanning the web to create virtual cities built on top of any website. These ‘Spaces’ are composed of modular applications, each adding a specific capability. One space might allow for text annotation and discussion, while another could accommodate a collaborative collage work, with a third providing links that support or refute the underlying webpage’s core argument. ShiftSpace accompanies each webpage, unobtrusively hidden until invoked by the user with the keyboard shortcut shift + space. In that sense ShiftSpace is the stairway to the lively street above the station, should you choose to take it. ”

It’s pretty cool.

Go check it out

First Install Greasemonkey

then Install ShiftSpace version 0.03

Air Force One ‘Tag’

Although a wee bit late on my part and the media’s as well–Marc Ecko’s ‘stunt’ looked so authentic that, “the Air Force wasn’t immediately certain whether the plane had been targeted…” What really happened was Marc Ecko “rented a 747 cargo jet at San Bernardino’s airport and covertly painted one side to look like Air Force One. Employees signed secrecy agreements and worked inside a giant hangar until the night the video was made.” How much did it cost to pull off a prank like that…”It’s not cheap,” Marc Ecko said, “You have to be rich.”

Mother Teresa’s Features Resemble Paris Hilton

What? She has brothers and she is actually seriously being considered to play the role of Mother Teresa? “But you already knew that,” you might say. Yeah, but I didn’t know it was actually being serious serious like that. The director T. Rajeevnath reasoning for it is because, “Her features resemble Mother Teresa…” according to a computer-generated image showed a close facial match between Paris Hilton and the Albanian-born nun. Um…wow…I guess they were drunk or something maybe. Heckler Spray however says that they had a conversation with the director in which he said, “Yeah yeah, we’re saying we’re gonna get Paris Hilton in on it, but really, she’s a bit wank, and we’re just doing it to get some publicity. However, we had been drinking that day, and our collective memory does have a habit of playing the trick on us.” How far that is from the truth I don’t know. What I guess I’m finding out is that Mother Teresa features resemble Paris Hilton? Anyways, wahtever.

Photos On:

Recently blogs Celebrity Aphrodite and Hotstuff were deleted due to “the increased chances of being sued.” Why do I bring this up? Well I wouldn’t have if I had not read what I read over at The Raw Feed about how Blogger never deletes these pictures. The interesting thing to note here even though this is all speculation is that if it is true let us say that if either one of these blogs uploaded pictures through Blogger; are the Bloggers, Google, or both subject to ‘prosecution’ as was stated on the last post of the above mentioned sites? For it reads: “ANY images from Body in Mind appearing on any websites except Body in Mind constitute an infringment of copyright and are NOT in the public domain. Posting photos from Body in Mind or providing links to downloads of Body in Mind photos is against the law and punishable by up to $150,000 per infringement plus possible criminal punishments consisting of fines up to $1 million and prison terms up to 5 years.
ALL violators will be prosecuted.” Let us now bring to mind Google’s brush up with Perfect 10. Please do not tell me that there is a similar like entity like the MPAA or the RIAA for pictures because that just messed up. Or no…let me guess, all of a sudden the MPAA and the RIAA are going to jump into the pictures scene and are going to start suing Flickr users, Imagebucket, and whatnot just like they’ve sued sites for ‘piracy’ right? Freakin’ MPAA and RIAA–need to be sued for freakin’ suing infringement or something. Anyways there’s a thought.

FaceBook Error?

Messing around with Facebook I was lead to a blank account with the following:

My Account

Upload an Image View My Profile

Edit My Profile

View Message Board

View My Messages

View My Stats

There is 1 person in your group.[ View Profile ]You have no comments on your message board.[ View Board ]  

The Next Step

Check out your group profile here.

When following the link to see the one person that was in ‘the group’ it lead back to: and other stuff added to the end. At the top it states: “‘s Profile (You are an admin)” Did Mr. Mark Zuckerberg pull a boo boo? I don’t know what it is but it has something to do with business at home or something. It could be something–it could be nothing. But why in the world would I get something like this not being logged into Facebook, huh? Anyways it’s quite interesting.

Tales From The Public Domain

Something the MPAA or the RIAA should read? I don’t know. I’d have to order this comic book and read it myself to find out. The comic book is called: “Bound By The Law?: Tales From the Public Domain” I don’t how much of it is humor and how much of it is true or vice versa but despite not knowing that I state it looks good, good enough for there to be a TV program–maybe that’s going a little too far with it.