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The Pacquiao/Bradley Facade

Fixing Fights–arranging fights seems to go hand in hand with boxing and ever apparent since the infancy of boxing.

The fight of Pacquiao vs Bradley was very forward about the fact that Bradley would (did) win; very oblivous to any other factors apart from a knockout (–I’d hope…who am I kidding?)

Ever since the shocking conclusion of the fight there has been evident disinformation.

The ‘love’ of money being the obvious root of ‘evil’ but understanding the reasons is the interesting story.

Let’s look at this fight by looking at who is involved:

Promoter, Top Rank co-Founder: Bob Arum

Fighter, Timothy Bradley Jr.:

Fighter, Emmanuel Pacquiao

Now with just the tidbits mentioned you can imagine a multitude of reasons why the fight decision went the way it did given the factors…

If not some speculations of (‘fictional’) scenarios:

1) Afraid of Pacquiao departing in 2013 Pacquiao is advised that if he decides to leave he may have a two loss blemish on his record–therein ending propects of a Floyd Mayweather fight as a free agent.

To assure this case, an unknown fighter who is struggling and needs a payday is signed. He is assured that he’ll be in the clear so long as he lasts all twelve rounds. A ‘favor’ with the Nevada Athletic Commission is called for the misunderstanding years back–assuring one judge verdict. Another judge verdict with an offer.

2) Due to selling business ventures, Pacquiao short on cash asks for an advance of two million.
Advance is given under condition that the judges will rule aganist him but in return will profit greatly with the rematch.

3) To stop prospects for a Mayweather fight. An inhouse Mayweather is ‘created’

4) Judges were not paying attention to the fight.

5) Mayweather anxious to put a stop to the urgency of a Pacquiao fight sets up Pacquiao for a loss.

6) Truly badly called.

However how bizzare it is that a  poster was made:

and such assurance vetted by Bob Arum:

Tim Bradley is so confident that it’s scary.

You don’t say…

I mean, he is absolutely 100 percent convinced that he’s winning the fight.”

Well, I’ll be…Then:


Post Fight Press Conference you’re in a wheel chair–if you hadn’t had the feet problem you had been more mobile? …Mobile–you serious–more than you were? Any more mobile and you would have been with the fans.

“I’m real slippery. I’m in front of you and you [still] can’t hit me, said Bradley.”

It’s because you’re holding on to the opponent–clinching and well, that’s why they can’t hit you…

“When I set foot in the ring, I’m home. As soon as this guy hits me with his best punch and I eat that motherfucker, the fight’s over.”

What a self fufilling prophecy. He had great defence. He ate every best punch Pacquiao had with his face–er, mouth.

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I’d have to agree with Diplo when he states:

The turtleneck is the most flattering thing a man can wear…because it forces a man to project himself.
Think it’s totally true.
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There’s only a handful of things I still watch consistently.  Among them:

  1. Fringe
  2. Stargate Universe
  3. Star Wars: Clone Wars
  4. Justified

I’ve fallen out of the loop with “House, M.D.” …yet I’ve failed to sit and watch an episode–any episode for that matter since last year.

White Collar I liked and saw only 3 episodes–unfortunate.

Star Wars: Clone Wars I’m behind a couple episodes, but catching up.

…I wish “The Riches” was still on the air–madonn why did they have to take it off the air.

Weeds S04 E02

This episode was more of a slight return to it’s roots. There was the uncertainty of what was going to happen and what is going to happen with the DEA and other loose ends from Season 2…yes, there are still loose ends from then. Just one of the many frustrating things that made Season 3 of the show almost intolerable.

Season 3 was a detour of some sort and Season 4 hopefully will fix that.

Also no more little boxes theme song–it’s been done away with. Actually no theme song period. It’s very unoriginal and like, “What…that’s it?” When it was said that the series was going to be reinvented I thought it meant that. I have yet to see that.

The episode was decent–borderline decent. It was more of a ping-pong ball going back forth though.

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Chinese Democracy

Funny how I came to stumble on the news about “Chinese Democracy

My wife casually read the headline off Drudge:

“…blogger leaks…Guns N’ Roses album…um”

I in shock–disbelief as I was eating a sandwich replied, “Say what? Album leaked–Guns N’ Roses…you serious? Where?”

In spite that their last album came out when I was six years old, I knew who Guns N’ Roses were and I knew who Axl Rose was.

This was in a time when I was enthralled with Mozart and Beethoven, with Classic literature…also my early beginnings of love for Pop Culture.

I always thought William’s: ‘Axl’ name was rather curious. I remember back in 1998 having some screen names and an email with Axl in it as I did find it curious. I also remember insisting on people calling me Axl as a play on what my name abbreviated in English is. (If you’re smart you’ll figure it out…maybe)

Years later I still knew that the album was anticipated–and I remember the 2002 MTV Music Video Awards performance by them and the disappointment that followed thereafter.

So it’s surprising to see that the album is finished…and not so surprising that it has been leaked.

Notwithstanding the point was made:

“…the more that Axl and Geffen jerked around trying to figure out how to release this finally finished album that we’ve all been waiting over 13 years for, the greater the chances would be that it would slip out of a pressing plant or office somewhere and wind up in the hands of some asshole with a blog.”

Well, all I can say is…”Welcome to The Jungle”–that is the internet:

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Viva La Vida Live

Since having gotten this song stuck in my head since I saw the Apple advert for it, I’ve wanted to see it performed live–or rather recorded live.

I’ve seen the MTV VMA’s performance. In which I am not sure whether it’s the recording, the microphone, or just Plain Chris Martin whom sounds slightly squeak-ish and nervous sounding at three parts of the song. It gets better but it doesn’t offset the those noticeable squeaks of the voice.

The performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live seems to suffer the same voice blemish afore mentioned, yet it’s a bit of a more lively performance as opposed to the MTV VMAs.

The one that’s on the money is the one done in Amsterdam (oh joy!) at the Paradiso. I believe that this is due to the fact that the it’s an old church and that the album was recorded inside various churches. Thus rendering the sound akin to that on the album:

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Weeds S04 E01

I really was expecting more from this first episode of the fourth season. Season 3 was rather dull and I kept waiting for it revert back to it’s originality and it’s exciting pace.

Although by the time the credits started rolling I was in shock. I could not believe that the episode was over. It was literal crap. It’s been watered down and it started in Season 3. Although the show has gotten excellent ratings those whom been with the show since the very beginning know that it’s not what it was.

If it keeps going the way it is it’s going to be nuked off my watching list

The main problem is that it’s really really drawn out and not in a good way. Too much unnecessary banter and lingering thereafter. It’s a dark comedy and I hardly laugh anymore.

Actually the “previously on Weeds” bit was more exciting and entertaining than the whole entire episode actually.

(Note: I would have put up an image but “Weeds” is being a bad show.)

(Note: I decided the post looked kind of dull without a pic–kinda like the first episode did.)

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