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Blade Runner 2049


I saw it and it was superb. I had not felt like this in a film since I saw “There Will Be Blood” in 2008. Literal frisson all the way through. Hans Zimmer scored the film with Benjamin Wallfisch (whom I am unfamiliar with). They did an exquisite job setting the ambiance and mood throughout. (I was afraid that with out Maestro Vangelis composing the auditory sensation that made “Blade Runner” would be lost. That was not the case.) The cinematography was on point and the visuals, specifically the lighting was splendid.

The film is rather slow to develop and some may find its pace brutal even. (The film is 164 minutes). However it is a very rewarding experience. Those unfamiliar with the first film will be fine but it is that more delightful knowing the story.  The film does escalate very quickly towards the end portion, when you want more time spent delving into some aspects presented. All in all I will it’s magnificent and astounding. I would like more. Preferably in less than 30 years.

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Dexter–The End?

Hopefully at this point I’m not spoiling “Dexter” for anyone, but I may, so be forewarned.

“Dexter” should have ended ages ago or it should have been taken to where it was taken this final episode(?).

Things were tied off hastily and other things dangling in the air.

At the end I actually wanted more.

“Dexter” has gone from predictable–surprising and inexplicable…and that was just this final season. This includes Dexter Morgan & Co.

There were other more interesting ways I imagined this could have been ended(?) including Dexter Morgan dying and/or doing himself in because he had broken his (father’s) code.

However this alternate alternate, etc. life was given. Frankly when I first began watching I assumed that sooner or later that he’d have to reinvent himself and move on. Unfortunately other commitments and  his realization or acquiring of  empathy for loved ones made it very difficult for him to do so. That is  untill those very things that prevented him from doing so made him eventually do it.

I found it interesting that Showtime stated that they did not want Dexter Morgan to die and that is what leads me to believe that to believe that possibly they may explore Dexter Morgan at a future time. Or possibly they’re trying to end on the note of “The Sopranos” did with their non-ending, leave it up to the viewer, etc.

Looking back the word I like to use is that some seasons were whimsical and at times slightly disappointing.  The reason I say this is that the show began to show more and more Dexter Morgan & Co. and some episode were just his company with a little Dexter Morgan because well he happens to be there and we need to establish surroundings. That’s fine, but when you deal with Dexter Morgan & Co. it would be best to tie all the ends of Dexter Morgan & Co. and not just of Dexter Morgan with some of the ends directly tied to Dexter being tied.

All in all it was ride–a very good one that’ll will keep you watching till the end…?

Boardwalk Empire S03E01

The season begins reminding you that “Boardwalk” is violent, as if you needed reminding.

But the pace is slow and I feel its dragging its feet with plot elements from Season 02. (Spoiler alert…)

Nucky doesn’t address the land selling till almost the end of the episode and by the time the pace has picked up its over. Season premieres are supposed to set the pace for the series as well as obtain new viewers. Yes the episode was up to par but its just filler. In a game of chess it was a pawn move that took a little too long execute. 

I hurried to Watch…I should have waited till there was two episodes.

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The Pong Krell Saga

So I really can’t believe that they spent like four episodes on Pong Krell vs Clone Troopers.

I seriously think they could have done it one episode. Two was a bit much–four?! Seriously?

From the moment Krell stepped in the scene I knew that he had inclinations to the Dark Side and would be killed or would be used for an episode arc. Yet the story was more Clone oriented and the various Clones striving for individuality which I do like seeing but this rendition of it I think was too typical.

Yes, there was a lot of action scenes that were great but it seems that they’ve run out of ideas.

I’d like to see more of Palpatine, more Jedi Council, more classic Jedi from the Old Republic. More Chewbacca–possibly some Han Solo. Definitely more Ahsoka and Anakin–especially where Anakin truly teaches Ahsoka. I feel there is too much implied with the both of them.

Oh and let’s not forget Season 3 Episode 14: “Witches of the Mist” ending where Savage Oppress is told that Darth Maul is still alive(?)–“that both he and his brother had an important destiny to fulfill in the galaxy.” Why couldn’t we have episodes on that?

Or what Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka make of the occurrences that happened in”Ghosts of Mortis

So hopefully we’ll get better episodes than the Krell saga. The Krell Saga is the The Twilight Saga (films) but for The Clone Wars. Madonn.

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I’d have to agree with Diplo when he states:

The turtleneck is the most flattering thing a man can wear…because it forces a man to project himself.
Think it’s totally true.
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There’s only a handful of things I still watch consistently.  Among them:

  1. Fringe
  2. Stargate Universe
  3. Star Wars: Clone Wars
  4. Justified

I’ve fallen out of the loop with “House, M.D.” …yet I’ve failed to sit and watch an episode–any episode for that matter since last year.

White Collar I liked and saw only 3 episodes–unfortunate.

Star Wars: Clone Wars I’m behind a couple episodes, but catching up.

…I wish “The Riches” was still on the air–madonn why did they have to take it off the air.

Weeds S04 E02

This episode was more of a slight return to it’s roots. There was the uncertainty of what was going to happen and what is going to happen with the DEA and other loose ends from Season 2…yes, there are still loose ends from then. Just one of the many frustrating things that made Season 3 of the show almost intolerable.

Season 3 was a detour of some sort and Season 4 hopefully will fix that.

Also no more little boxes theme song–it’s been done away with. Actually no theme song period. It’s very unoriginal and like, “What…that’s it?” When it was said that the series was going to be reinvented I thought it meant that. I have yet to see that.

The episode was decent–borderline decent. It was more of a ping-pong ball going back forth though.

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