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Angry Birds

They have some vision Rovio does. However they may have waited too long to release a movie. The film was fine. Slow to develop–laughs and gags abounding. However 70 millon of their own money and they’re up 150 million gross worldwide as of this writing seems to have paid off. It was okay and I would watch a sequel but hopefully they continue to gather up more meaningful backstory as to their abilties.



What a sad little town.
I’ve always enjoyed the cinematography in “Banshee” saw it more as long running film than a television series.

It almost didn’t feel like the end although it was. It was quick and well done and miles more satisfying than “Dexter”. That’s because it really did end.

If you haven’t watched it’s a treat. Although it is an espresso of drama with gratuitous, well most everything. Not for the faint of heart.

Splendid run.