Hardcore Henry


It is a literal non-stop, gory, gratuitous violence, no holds bar, dizzying spectacle of a film.

If the trailer of the film makes you have motion sickness  you’ll be blowing chunks in the film.

Once the film goes, it goes and doesn’t let up. It’s not going to be everyone’s or someone’s cup of tea. It’ll be one person excellent cup of tea. If violence makes you queasy than you’ll be utterly disgusted here.

The cinematography is its point of view and I like it. The music was very neat. The humor was there and was comedic relief.

I became disoriented at one point but I believe that was due to my usage of corrective lenses.

Hardcore Henry” is a glimpse of what an action/adventure/shooter with VR should aspire to. It was an analog VR experience.

There were plot holes as big as some characters had in this film but the action and recurring humor make it forgivable.

It was enjoyable and unique I think.

If you can fathom it, go. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, you expected too much.


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