Monthly Archives: March 2016

What I’m Watching…

I’ve Watched plenty of Television shows over the years. I’ve gone hiatus on some series. Even with Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go I am still particular with the shows I commit to watch. As at times it is a commitment. I decide to watch a handful of shows.

This is what I am currently watching:



Fast paced with a nice reoccurring music riff to denote issues. They must be wary of the focus on secondary characters though. Nice little suspense, neat drama in seaweed wrapper.


Produced by JJ Abrams. Gritty, Orwellian thriller, substance, great acting and reeling suspense. A true rollercoaster when it picks up.


Scored and filmed brilliantly. Period drama oozing with character, charm, wondrous thrills, and attire. It’s  neatly errie and enjoyable.  Produced by Steven Soderbergh.


Curiously seemingly real-life inspired plots with anti-hero. Moderately paced action puzzling drama.


What I was watching:


Amazing acting, at times a lot of filler and slow paced drama. I am only a handful of episodes behind. Really is a treat to watch.



Poised and well paced situational drama with great acting. Satisfying to watch. I am really behind on this one. More than two seasons.


Quirky, fun moderate paced drama with some curious twist in overall plot. Lots of filler and slow to reveal if at all overall season plot. I haven’t watched in years.


Excellently cast, scored and filmed. Ambiance is splendid. Moderately paced drama with immense charm and tact. Unfortunately cut short at its prime due to issues with horses involving the humane society. I refuse to watch the last couple of episodes so its not ruined for me. It has been years.