Monthly Archives: September 2015


It’s been a while and then some but I’ve bought my first laptop in some years.

I opted for the Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-111

Chromebook 11 CB3-111-C670

I’ve been exclusively utilizing my iPad 2  for my computing needs mostly as a consuming media device.

I have two laptops (one over 5 years old and the other at over 2 years old) weighing in at over 5lbs in weight and not at all suitable for carrying–lugging around.

I had my year with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

That demonstrated to me that most but not everything can be done without aid of a laptop with some concessions.

Coldfustion convinced me of that:

Then I spent my time solely using an iPhone 5s.

At which point I began using an iPad 2 for the majority of my computing usage.

But I’m nostalgic and desire a physical keyboard. The form factor of a laptop is heavy on my mind.

I thought I’d go the Macbook Air route (used however) because I’d be carrying it around.

But running Linux and Chrome OS peaked my interest–with it being built upon Gentoo.

Along with a low (very low) entry price. It was worth delving into a Chromebook.

My only complaint thus far is the lack of a Caps Lock button and the search button in its place. However with some usage I should stop my caps lock habit.

I’ll see how it goes.