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46 Days with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

(I’ve had this review on the Note II on backlog for months and was in my draft folder so I finally decided to press post. Madonn, about time.)

Prior to the Note II I could not have imagined using a phone to the extent that I have.

First the screen is gorgeous. You don’t know how cramped other phones are till you’ve used the Note II. (The Note II is the size of a Gameboy Color or the size of the screen of the original Kindle Fire.)

Yes, its big but thats only because you haven’t experienced how fluid it is to type, browse, and view videos.

I have almost weaned myself from my laptop. The battery life on average with me is eighteen hours with heavy use. Its been so great, I at times forget to charge it!

The only complaint that comes to mind is that my phone has the Verizon logo on the home button. That’s pretty much it.

I can send videos to my Xbox 360 with it with no HDMI cable or MHL adapter along with pictures too. Yeah, Touchwiz may have its quirks but all in all its solid.

Some features are niche–the Smart Stay and the tilt zoom. Others excellent–the multiwindow enabling actually split screen multitasking is awesome. Pop-up browser and video floating is splendid. I’m having a grand old time even almost two months in. Thr stock Samsung keyboard with numbers is oh so great.

I’m not the least bit disappointed. I can (actually) play some nifty android games and thensome. So its great.