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Elementary S01E01&02

The show is compact, its pace steady. Jonny Lee Miller is excellent, Lucy Liu surprising and great. The show has epic quotes, great drama and very nice satisfying endings. If the show were end now the two episodes would still be great.

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The episode’s individual plot doesn’t distract from its main plot development of Sherlock Holmes. Then by the second episode Watson’s development.
Watson being a female doesn’t take but adds and adds a different flavour to the story. Watson is slowly helping Holmes but not very much as far as the cases he consults. Watson is helping Holmes in a much more personal way exhibited by the ending of episode 2.

I’m waiting for the “elementary, my dear Watson” line to appear at some point. The show does have some things I don’t like now but may like in the future.
(Spoiler alert)

Sherlock Holmes’ father pays for Watson to be his ‘companion’ whilst trying to be sober after escaping his rehab on the day he is to be released stating, “…I was bored.” His father and this arrangement is mentioned throughout multiple times during episode. Holmes’ father is not shown, neither his stint at the rehab, neither how he moved and obtained his abode having moved from London. (The series is set in NYC). This is not vital neither does it take from the series. However I feel this makes Holmes immature in the juvenile sense–a brat.

I also have a hard time watching as I am comparing this show to “House, M.D.”. This is not the show’s fault but just due to the fact that Gregory House is modeled after Sherlock Holmes.

Overall excellent series. Looking forward to more.

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Dexter S07E01


That was excellent. The pace was good. The only thing I didn’t like very much was the flashback happening twice. Slightly strange. I’m excited for the series and its gone back to its tension and its roots. As has Dexter.

I like how the episode focuses on Dexter and not necessarily the kill he is going after.

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Boardwalk Empire S03E03

I may stop watching. It was a chore to see this episode till the end. I see how things are coming together but its getting dragged out. I’d rather watch the whole season later than week by week. Its disappointing.

Nucky should have started feeling remorse by episode 1. The gas station ordeal should have been over by now. The hospital ordeal needs to not be discussed to such length. The heroin deal should have been examined more and earlier.

Next week I may not watch…maybe

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