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Boardwalk Empire S03E02

The episode begins in a “Dexter”-isque theme. A couple minutes in I had to make sure I was actually not watching “Mad Men”…

The episode again deals with fleshing out characters and leaves loose ends from episode 1 and still others from the past season.  I hope they don’t pull a “Weeds” that I stopped watching due to so many ends being lugged around every single episode.

Other than that its like watching paint dry and realizing when the color drys its not what you chose.

I’m trying very hard to get into it but I think maybe the show has lost its touch. Its dragging its feet with things. I’m being held in suspense. I’m not being rewarded.


Alphas S02E07

Fast paced and prompt. I don’t like that they’ve kept Kat almost like nuisance. I think her and Gary could hit it off.

Nina is losing control on her ability. (Spoiler alert) Its about time Dr. Rosen found about Bill’s fighting and about his daughter. However I believe Dr. Rosen’s character has taken a turn for the worse. I’m not sure if its the intention to make him more liberal and risk taking in regards to his team.

The continuation of the demonization of Parrish is getting old especially without continued merit. More elaborate explanation needs to occur in regards to Parrish.

The interesting character development is Rachel with her newly enhanced ability coupled with her love interest John. More exploration here.

Going back to Kat. Its unfortunate that Kat has been seemingly pushed to one side. She’s the water cooler so far. Her ability is second only to Gary’s and on par with Rachel’s. I really like Kat’s character and upset she hasn’t been used.  (Spoiler Alert)

Parrish and Rosen have shared consciousness–Parrish’s intent no doubt. All in all great episode.

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Boardwalk Empire S03E01

The season begins reminding you that “Boardwalk” is violent, as if you needed reminding.

But the pace is slow and I feel its dragging its feet with plot elements from Season 02. (Spoiler alert…)

Nucky doesn’t address the land selling till almost the end of the episode and by the time the pace has picked up its over. Season premieres are supposed to set the pace for the series as well as obtain new viewers. Yes the episode was up to par but its just filler. In a game of chess it was a pawn move that took a little too long execute. 

I hurried to Watch…I should have waited till there was two episodes.

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Lance Armstrong…

In years past I contested and laid out the evidence for various cycling scandals. From Alexandre Vinokourov to Floyd Landis. Noting certain skeptical things therein–affecting key players, etc. amongst alleged  (maybe) positive test(s) and clear witch hunts.

All of the aforementioned involved positive samples, laboratories and the banning occurred during or shortly thereafter the Tour De France.

Yet in Lance Armstrong’s case the banning and disqualification is being proposed decades later and not even by the agency whom handles such things–the UCI.

Not to mention extreme prejudice.

I like how an agency with no jurisdiction just states they have ‘stripped’ Armstrong when in fact the UCI is awaiting evidence as they are the ones whom ‘strip’. (lol) You then have mainstream media just being a parrot and not even investigating it.

Here again another US agency thinking that the US encompasses the whole entire world. Not to mention wasting US Taxpayers money as if they could just print it–wait, they do. Hmm, madonn.

Point and case the UCI is the governing body and with the sole authority. USADA is some punk organization created in 2000 and didn’t even exist when Armstrong began his career.

Once again with extreme prejudice.

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