Pitch Hit

I am a Chicago White Sox fan and a fan of Ken Hawk Harrelson commentating a White Sox game. It’s great.

Now getting hit by a pitch happens in baseball.

Let us recall Cole Hamels deliberately, by his own admission, hitting Bryce Harper

Now Jose Quintana also hit  Ben Zobrist but he got thrown out. Now the big story is Ken Harrelson’s charged comments of the event which I think fits the bill. This was a very bad call.

What are you doing? He threw him out of the ballgame. You’ve got to be bleepin’ me!” What in the hell are you doing? What are you doing Wegner? You got to be kidding me. That is so bad. That is absolutely brutal. That is unbelievable –Ken Harrelson

I think that Ken Harrelson saying

 A tirade such as the one unleashed on the air against umpire Mark Wegner won’t happen again.

is messed up because it seems like the Umpire was right and that he was wrong.

Him being reprimanded by commissioner Bud Selig, is saying Let’s not talk about the Umpire and the call let’s talk about Ken Harrelson because you said some mean things.


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