Newspapers, iPhones Prepaid, and thensome…

So about 18 days ago I placed an Order for some magazines and today I placed an order for ESPN Magazine.

I’m already thinking about Cancelling one of the three newspapers I subscribe to because it barely has any news stories in it.

Going on with the newspapers…

I was surprised that The Washington Times had the story of the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, VA near Dulles International Airport my former home base for when I worked for United just outside D.C.

I remember the last time they were here four years ago and driving to work at Dulles passing by there via Route 28. Interesting thing is that I have an aunt whom worked at the said Marriott in Chantilly, VA and she has told me of “the bigwigs” whom arrive, how they shut the hotel down, etc.

I didn’t think they’d be back again at the same hotel and unfortunately I wish my aunt still worked at that particular hotel.

Anyways I read in the NY Post (which I subscribe to) that Cricket will be having the iPhone available Prepaid on June 22. I think its way overdue–and I would have thought the prepaid route was the way Apple would go but hey…

I’ve even given the thought to buy one and I haven’t bought anything Apple in seven years since my disillusionment back in 2005 when I bought a Powerbook G4 and then months later Apple changed to Intel…anyways yeah…

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