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SiriusXM < Zune Pass

Yeah so I cancelled my Zune Pass today after having it so long. After obtaining  Satellite radio a couple months back I haven’t really taken more advantage of the Zune Pass like I did when I purchased my Zune intially.

Also I sparingly use my Zune anymore but that may be due to the ban at workplace of electronics (but that’s a different story–for another day).

So for the last couple of months I’ve been listening to SiriusXM Internet Radio and in the car. It’s been great. However a Zune Pass still beats SiriusXM on the ability to select tracks.

Yet for that I have adopted MOG for that purpose.




Facebook Intergration & Google +

I don’t like it. Facebook Intergration is great but there are so many cons I believe.

First and foremost I don’t like that Facebook is being all pushed around like an OpenID–a passport of sorts.

I like sharing events and items of everyday life as much as anyone. However not to the point where Facebook is or is going. I think it’s mind numbing.

Google + with using only full ‘real’ names is bizzare I think. I know we have LinkedIN and Facebook using real names–Twitter too. However as long as I can think of we’ve always had our handles and those whom have chosen to use their full names have and at times retain their handles alongside or just their handles.

It seems almost un-internet-like to require all this verfication.

This is the internet right? Or is this truly the open web?


I’d have to agree with Diplo when he states:

The turtleneck is the most flattering thing a man can wear…because it forces a man to project himself.
Think it’s totally true.
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I’m so excited about TinTin. I remember Watching the show on Television years ago as well as reading the novels. It’s fantastic:

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