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About this…

I really haven’t given much ‘love’ to this wordpress blog. It’s so unfortunate. I’ve been ‘microblogging’ way too much. …and I’m not referring to Twitter in any way either. I used to cringe when Twitter would be described as ‘microblogging’…alas such is not true anymore. Twitter has changed exponentially since I started using it years ago. Yes, years not months. I was on Twitter before all this hoopla. Twitter has gone through two hooplas. Yet this one has changed Twitter and it’s libido if I may use that word here in more ways than one. I really don’t write about Twitter except possibly record things of it via audio-wise (yeah, I’m just throwing out words here). I miss Twitter of yesteryear. I truly believe ’07 was it’s golden year.

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The Pirate Bay

From one day to the next it goes from being aganist the grain to mainstream…

Oh, PirateBay that I used to know where art thou?