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Oh No They Didn’t…

…mess up my Google Reader–again!

I am unsure of how many people have encountered this problem when reading Oh No They Didn’t via Google Reader…

It doesn’t matter how fast my internet connection is whether T3, FiOS, or Comcast but when I read Oh No They Didn’t in Google Reader it messes it up. I always get the red notification reading: “Opps…we’ve encountered a problem” either during the reading or after the reading of Oh No They Didn’t.

It really sucks because I’ll have to either close the tab, close the browser, sign out and login to get Google Reader working again.

I’m getting to point now where I am just going to delete Oh No They Didn’t completely from my subscription list in Google Reader and just go to the actual website to read it–if at all.



I can’t even remember the last time I posted herein…(ok, so I do remember)

Brought back due to the brokenness of Baywords in my experiment of being “Uncut”

I have taken the liberty to post here what I posted over there:


The X-Files


Viva La Vida

Some Help From Sudan


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Almost a month before the actual film premieres a DVDScr has popped up of August.

It wasn’t on any of the servers yesterday so I got a torrent of it and have been downloading it since 6 o’ Clock in the evening. I was getting a rather decent speed (on my current connection anyways) of 56kbps; now however it floats around 6kbps to 20kbps.

At one point I even got an error stating: “leeching forbidden; you can only seed.”

Which is utterly untrue as at that point my ratio was 1.52 and currently is 1.59.

I have only downloaded 548MB and uploaded a 875.3 after almost 16hrs and the movie’s size is: 714.9MB

I hope to have this soon…or some time tomorrow at least.

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The X-Files

In anticipation for “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” due out on July 25th, 2008:

I am doing some pulls of the first season in order that I be ready.

True that it has been said that the film will “be apart from the “mythology” of the television series,” I still would like to refresh my memory of the series. As the series had just premiered when I was only six years old–plus I had just barely learned English at that point.

It would only come to barely peak my interest when it was in it’s 5th season and at that point (1997) I was preoccupied with my reading of classic literature and classical music.

I had at the time a stark stance of starting to watch something that I hadn’t watched from the beginning–of course there wasn’t any way of me researching it online at home as I wouldn’t have a computer till 1998.

The show would resurface on my radar 3 years later in 2000 almost at the end of Season 7. Some particular episodes I remember from that season: Episode 12: “X-Cops” and Episode 17 “all things”.

However due to my not having a stable internet connection (Sudan hasn’t been much help in my pulls) and speeds of 78kbps-92kbps my initial objective to watch all 9 seasons before July 25th is going really slow.

At this point I have had to download Episode 3 of Seasons 1 seven times already…I have been trying to finish the download since 5:38pm (6/12/08)…

So yeah, madonn to that…

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(Having now heard “Viva La Vida” 45 times now since having gotten it) I went and got DMZ #21-31 off Bittorrent.

DMZ #3

Although I am caught up to #22–I forgot to deselect the files I didn’t need. I also have DMZ #1 in comic book form. (I try to stray away from downloading comics, alas in order that I do not fall so behind the loop, I have to do so at times. I try to purchase issues when they’re available for me to do so but at times I am not able to.)

Writing about my various pulls brings to mind that I must write some sort of manifesto–along those lines as well as some kind of disclaimer. Then again who cares–this is me uncut.

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Viva La Vida

I started the morning off (although I have yet to sleep due to sickness) with pulling five tracks of Viva La Vida by Coldplay off BitTorrent. In reality it was only for two as I had three of the five in the download due to getting Violet Hill off Coldplay’s website and the other two due to some scouring.

I’ve had 30 seconds of Viva La Vida stuck in my head for weeks now since I read/heard/saw the Apple commercial:

I was going to seek out the particular song then, however I was unable to to do so due to my internet inability…

Now I can hear the song in it’s entirety and not have to play the 30 second .flv that I downloaded of it…

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Some Help From Sudan…

No, not the country, but an open Wi-Fi network that I am able to get from my apartment.

The last time I was able to use this particular network and it rendering data was back at the end of February and some time early in March–since then I have had to resort to Wi-Fi from Panera and a Library for internet access from time to time.

It was rather funny how I came to find out that this particular network was actually working. I was sitting on my couch with my Wife, Athena1, about to Watch some episodes of “The Boondocks” on my PowerBook G4 when I was searching with Spotlight for them that some logs of Bacn IM girl’s conversation’s came up. I wanted to show my wife some of them so I proceeded to.

iChat started up and connected–I shrilled with glee that it had connected. I started up Skype and began to call my mother and went directly to The Drudge Report.

I then told my wife that I should try to see if I could DCC something–she agreed and told me to resume my download of Semi-Pro. Quickly I typed away on JIRCii and began to download the DVDRip of Semi-Pro.

It’s a ‘stable’ fluctuating download speed of 70kbps to 94kbps and 50kbps when I am reading feeds. Sure it’s going to take about 2hrs to download anything but it’s better than having to deal with Panera‘s timing out internet and the bypassing of firewalls at Library.

Also I got on Twitter and started sending some updates–which reminds me I should do the same with WriteSomething too.

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