Twitter Over Capacity?

Apparently So…

Let me get this straight–I can’t use a(ny) client with Twitter because it just automatically tells me I’ve gone over the limit of API request the second I open the client.

I can’t use the web side of Twitter because it’s over capacity?

So what the freak is Twitter good for then if I can’t update it any which way?!

My phone is currently out of commission so I can’t update through that–IM-ing Twitter doesn’t work; so freakin’ madonn what am I supposed to do with Twitter?!

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Over Capacity?

  1. Ed Knittel says:

    I signed up for a Twitter account last year but didn’t see the use of it much. However, within the last month I’ve been using it more frequently. I’ve discovered that a lot of people and businesses have begun to rely on using their Twitter accounts to notify their users of critical, timely information.

    It’s 5 days later and Twitter is still having capacity problems. Note to Twitter: this is not a good way to grow your non-existent business model. It would be much easier for people to abandon your service for a much more reliable competitor.

  2. Ian says:

    This is a great problem for twitter to have, as it is a sign of success, but if they can’t rectify these issues fast they may fall victim to their success. A few more weeks like this and people will give up on it and start looking elsewhere.

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