The Golden Compass Aftermath…

I went and saw “The Golden Compass” it was so bad that whenever I think I see products or posters or anything related to it I walk away–it makes me cringe. I saw the book and I almost broke the shelf it was on…yeah it was that bad.

I know it’s supposed to be a trilogy but my brother has done better editing on a Hi-8 than what I saw in that–that thing whatever it was.

I was just reminded of it when I saw something about “Awake“–I think I should have ended up seeing that instead of whatever it was that I saw…come to think of it I would have preferred to see “Babel” and let me tell you that that right there is a big statement coming from me. 

“Babel” scored horribly with me and yet I am saying I would watch it again.

I rate “The Golden Compass” with -9 stars + I would not watch it even if it was a free preview and they gave me free popcorn, a pack of Coca-Colas and Twizzlers.  

Yeah it’s that bad. 


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