Movie Picks…(Something Like That)

I had written before that I wanted to do something about this blog

So my movie picks or something along those lines:

Terror’s Advocate:

I have been aching to see this documentary for very many reasons. The first being the studio that is bringing out this film. Those whom know me know that one of my favorite movie studios is Magnolia Pictures and that I will watch and enjoy most anything brought out by them.

Secondly I like all things related to Jason Bourne and Carlos the Jackal is a figure in all of The Bourne novels albeit in a fictional sense.

Third due to its subject matter.

Cassandra’s Dream:

It’s a Woody Allen film…Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farrel are in it.


This is just an astounding film and it’s so very intriguing. Also I like films that are based off of graphic novels.

In Bruges:

It’s the very first sequence that gets me and the lines: “‘Who’d you murder?’ ‘…you Father.’ ”

The Signal:

This is an moderately interesting film and I don’t like it’s overall feel but it’s being brought out by Magnolia Pictures…yeah, I like that studio that much.


Film inspired/based off of a real life event are always thrilling to watch.


Alcoholic Superhero who messes up things while trying to save people…need I say more?


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