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The Eye—of Vladimir Putin?

What kind of question is that? Why would you ask a question of that sort?

“What do you see when you look in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin?”

…and if you answer it what does that say of you? Does it say anything?

Why are we even looking into Putin’s eyes in the first place and why does it matter?

I had to go back and actually pause it and take a snap of the frame.

It’s only up on the video for a short time.


Bring The Beat Back pt 2

It would seem someone from Twitter has heard my cry–if you would like to call it that for lo, and behold:

So now when Twitter messes up we are thanked for having ‘noticed’ it(?)

What? Why? Is this an insult?

This just goes to reaffirm what I stated over on Pownce: “I think it’s safe to say Twitter is crap now…

Also when is this soon which they talk about?

To my understanding Twitter has yet to be fixed in general.

Like I said before, madonn!

Brad Pitt Makes Weird Sounds

I always enjoy this picture–Brad Pitt likes to look like he is going to the Bathroom and the following:

Making weird noises. The noise was so disturbing that even the lady in the back is repulsed by it (rofl) I think it may have gone something like booowwkkkahkahrahboi…

Bring The Beat Back?

How many times must I tolerate Twitter telling me to bring the beat back?

Surely the have gone over that amount 10x

At what point do I just quit on Twitter when it tells me that…(?)

…madonn! Is all I have to say.

The Golden Compass Aftermath…

I went and saw “The Golden Compass” it was so bad that whenever I think I see products or posters or anything related to it I walk away–it makes me cringe. I saw the book and I almost broke the shelf it was on…yeah it was that bad.

I know it’s supposed to be a trilogy but my brother has done better editing on a Hi-8 than what I saw in that–that thing whatever it was.

I was just reminded of it when I saw something about “Awake“–I think I should have ended up seeing that instead of whatever it was that I saw…come to think of it I would have preferred to see “Babel” and let me tell you that that right there is a big statement coming from me. 

“Babel” scored horribly with me and yet I am saying I would watch it again.

I rate “The Golden Compass” with -9 stars + I would not watch it even if it was a free preview and they gave me free popcorn, a pack of Coca-Colas and Twizzlers.  

Yeah it’s that bad. 

Movie Picks…(Something Like That)

I had written before that I wanted to do something about this blog

So my movie picks or something along those lines:

Terror’s Advocate:

I have been aching to see this documentary for very many reasons. The first being the studio that is bringing out this film. Those whom know me know that one of my favorite movie studios is Magnolia Pictures and that I will watch and enjoy most anything brought out by them.

Secondly I like all things related to Jason Bourne and Carlos the Jackal is a figure in all of The Bourne novels albeit in a fictional sense.

Third due to its subject matter.

Cassandra’s Dream:

It’s a Woody Allen film…Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farrel are in it.


This is just an astounding film and it’s so very intriguing. Also I like films that are based off of graphic novels.

In Bruges:

It’s the very first sequence that gets me and the lines: “‘Who’d you murder?’ ‘…you Father.’ ”

The Signal:

This is an moderately interesting film and I don’t like it’s overall feel but it’s being brought out by Magnolia Pictures…yeah, I like that studio that much.


Film inspired/based off of a real life event are always thrilling to watch.


Alcoholic Superhero who messes up things while trying to save people…need I say more?


I really need to change my posting volume on this here blog.

Also taking into account that it is one of the first things that shows up when you search for: dmotion

I have already made a striving effort to update my livejournal so I should do the same here…