I haven’t posted anything in a while–I’ll soon write to why that is.

Anyways I was getting tired of seeing Paris Hilton’s face here so…bleh…

So seriously what in the world? …Rolly?

This thing gives a whole new meaning to mobile audio, having said that I’ve no idea what exactly Sony is trying to accomplish, if at all anything with this Rolly

I saw this thing and I was baffled by what it was, what it was supposed to do…I read it’s description only to now be baffled at why it was made…

Judging from the video:

It’s a robot Pop and Lock-er(?)

Why? …and with a price tag of $449.00 the why deserves to be answered to some extent.

Sure it looks cool I’ll give you that…still though, Rolly?

Update: rofl, well, Idiot Toys answers the question as to the why  and adds, “…the Sony Rolly is the greatest disaster to hit humanity since the second world war.”


2 thoughts on ““Rolly”?

  1. Jeff G. says:

    This looks very cool, but not at over $400

  2. Pieter Malan says:

    I bought Rolly recently on a trip to Tokyo. Firstly, it was priced at 170 pounds (340 dollars)which I thought was reasonable. Secondly, I thought I would get bored with it quickly, but it is easily one of the most entertaining things I have ever bought. The dancing aside, the quality of the audio sound is really good and it is great to have a portable speaker to take with you wherever you may go; i.e. picnic, romantic dinner etc. The device is extremely portable and weighs about 300 gram. I can therefore easily carry it with me whenever I want to listen to some tunes and its great not to plug it into the mains; i.e. speaker by the bedside, outdoors etc. The dancing feature is a great added bonus and it is really fun to program your own dancing moves. I am into dancing myself and can really appreciate and relate to this functionality. I will probably use this device more for its good quality speaker sound and portability than for the dancing ability but still think the dancing is an awesome side feature. Summary: It looks and feels really great -a great buy(note: if you decide to buy it you need a Japanese operating system, otherwise you will be unable to download the songs to the device…by the way it has a 1 gig memory so takes about 600 songs. Brilliant!

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