Monthly Archives: September 2007


I haven’t posted anything in a while–I’ll soon write to why that is.

Anyways I was getting tired of seeing Paris Hilton’s face here so…bleh…

So seriously what in the world? …Rolly?

This thing gives a whole new meaning to mobile audio, having said that I’ve no idea what exactly Sony is trying to accomplish, if at all anything with this Rolly

I saw this thing and I was baffled by what it was, what it was supposed to do…I read it’s description only to now be baffled at why it was made…

Judging from the video:

It’s a robot Pop and Lock-er(?)

Why? …and with a price tag of $449.00 the why deserves to be answered to some extent.

Sure it looks cool I’ll give you that…still though, Rolly?

Update: rofl, well, Idiot Toys answers the question as to the why  and adds, “…the Sony Rolly is the greatest disaster to hit humanity since the second world war.”