Jerry Falwell died today at the age of 73 and a lot of people have their stance and opinions about him and his work.

No one has more of an opinion than Larry Flynt.

Yet Larry Flynt was respectful when he addressed the death of Falwell.

To the point of saying that they became friends of a sort.

TMZ decided to the mock Falwell death with following:

Okay it’s not that much a mock to get all upset about but what does that say about TMZ?

Does it say anything?

I mean Larry Flynt whom you’d expect would be mocking or saying things, I’m not saying that he doesn’t or hasn’t but clearly the man has shown some sort of decency and respect when it came to addressing the death of Falwell.

Yet here we have TMZ mocking the death, albeit in a soft manner, but mocking nonetheless.

Sure it’s nothing much but I mean I think it says something as to what “zone” the TMZ Staff was in when they posted this.

eh, something to think about next time you read TMZ, if you read it at all.


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