Brad Pitt’s got an itch–Needs to go to the Bathroom?

Judging from the picture above–Brad Pitt has got an itch–needed to go to the bathroom or was practicing the steps to a new dance–or all three.

Anyways I can make out that he was saying something–or may he was singing something…

Well, I think Us Magazine did a horrible job pairing this picture with the article: Angelina Breaks Down in Prague.

Basically a paparazzo went ahead and took pictures of Angelina bathing her kids–and she basically had a bit of a break down.

Sort of understandable with all the circumstance but still–I wonder what kind of thing must have been going through her head of the guy taking pictures of her bathing her children–I mean isn’t that weird.

Then to top it all off :

“For more of Angelina’s frightening encounter, and what steps the couple is now taking to ward of kidnappers, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly.”

Oh great–live it up Us Weekly–live it up.

They probably paid the photographer–that is if they don’t have the photos already…

Kind of makes you wonder…


One thought on “Brad Pitt’s got an itch–Needs to go to the Bathroom?

  1. […] it seems that this whole knee thing–need to go to the bathroom–got an itch thing is Brad Pitt walking? Or simply something he does when he sees a paparazzo or the paparazzi taking his […]

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