‘Tainted’ Piracy Stats

…from the RIAA and the MPAA–oh, you bet.

Tainted ‘piracy’ stats are child’s play for them–the lawsuits are where it’s at for them.

If it were up to them you won’t even be able to remember or hum a song or a movie because that would ‘piracy’…

Ah, you know it–tainted is what the MPAA, RIAA and all those trade associations are about.


2 thoughts on “‘Tainted’ Piracy Stats

  1. […] I read this and I automatically recalled the ‘Tainted’ Piracy Stats of the MPAA–as the article has language and complaints much like the MPAA and the RIAA have made in […]

  2. […] and time again, every stat that they’ve (MPAA and RIAA) published has been a lie–or as they say, […]

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