Here Comes The Judge…

A Federal Judge Ordered Vice President Cheney’s Visitor Logs to be opened

Somewhere along the lines I guess it was asked what for and what was it’s purpose…

Wait, wait–let me get this straight…

Oh, oh, so when someone in the ‘inner circle’ gets asked to ‘take one for the team’ it’s ‘invasion of privacy’, huh?

When it’s the American people it’s called ‘preventing terrorism’…

Really all this Federal Judge had to do is invoke ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorist’ somewhere in his order and it would have been given to him–whatever it is he asked for and, and…a bag of chips.

Seriously, he should have read that ‘terrorism’ has now replaced please–whoa that sounded wrong.


One thought on “Here Comes The Judge…

  1. […] Oh I forgot about the change–‘terror’ now means please–ah, yes makes sense now…   […]

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