Pentagon Keeping Tabs; Among Other Things

“…the Bush administration has restricted photographs of the coffins of military personnel returning to the United States and the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations taken by the news media, the videos give average Americans a level of access to combat scenes rarely available before…”

So people’s YouTube accounts get frozen and/or terminated–due to the above.

But they’re censored because the Pentagon censored them?

Freedom of Speech anyone?

People who upload them are kept tabs on?

“…the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations”

This sounds very ‘fishy’ to me to say the least.

Actually I have the video which is described in the article as having, “sniper attacks in which Americans are felled by snipers as a camera records the action and of armored Humvees or other military vehicles being hit by roadside bombs. ”

…that video is quite old though–I got it quite a while back.


What, don’t we got the MPAA for that?

What crime has anybody commited–show me the probable cause here–what gives a reasonable cause to keep tabs on any American citizen in such manner without a said warrant given by a court?


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