I’ve been using ShiftSpace which is a, “second layer on top of a webpage (a street level above a subway station). These top-level neighborhoods will offer a rich topography, overlapping each other and spanning the web to create virtual cities built on top of any website. These ‘Spaces’ are composed of modular applications, each adding a specific capability. One space might allow for text annotation and discussion, while another could accommodate a collaborative collage work, with a third providing links that support or refute the underlying webpage’s core argument. ShiftSpace accompanies each webpage, unobtrusively hidden until invoked by the user with the keyboard shortcut shift + space. In that sense ShiftSpace is the stairway to the lively street above the station, should you choose to take it. ”

It’s pretty cool.

Go check it out

First Install Greasemonkey

then Install ShiftSpace version 0.03


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