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‘Tainted’ Piracy Stats

…from the RIAA and the MPAA–oh, you bet.

Tainted ‘piracy’ stats are child’s play for them–the lawsuits are where it’s at for them.

If it were up to them you won’t even be able to remember or hum a song or a movie because that would ‘piracy’…

Ah, you know it–tainted is what the MPAA, RIAA and all those trade associations are about.


Ad of Terror

The GOP is going to air an, “Ad Warning of Terror Attacks“…

Um, I think that qualifies as blatant ‘terror’ propaganda–putting a spin on ‘terror’–either you elect us or we give you ‘terror’–this is ‘terror’–yeah, that’s definitely propaganda and even intimidation some could argue.

Oh I forgot about the change–‘terror’ now means please–ah, yes makes sense now…

Here Comes The Judge…

A Federal Judge Ordered Vice President Cheney’s Visitor Logs to be opened

Somewhere along the lines I guess it was asked what for and what was it’s purpose…

Wait, wait–let me get this straight…

Oh, oh, so when someone in the ‘inner circle’ gets asked to ‘take one for the team’ it’s ‘invasion of privacy’, huh?

When it’s the American people it’s called ‘preventing terrorism’…

Really all this Federal Judge had to do is invoke ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorist’ somewhere in his order and it would have been given to him–whatever it is he asked for and, and…a bag of chips.

Seriously, he should have read that ‘terrorism’ has now replaced please–whoa that sounded wrong.

Taxing Second Life and World Of Warcraft

First they sneak in a clause to make online gambling ‘illegal’–now they’re trying to tax virtual items being sold in SL and WoW?

These people have lost their minds…

A Sin To Download Songs?

As if the RIAA doesn’t err enough, it seems that now a Pastor of a Pentecostal church in Delaware says that it’s “a sin to download gospel songs without paying for them.”


A sin?

Thou shalt not steal…who’s stealing?

So now downloading music and copyright is a moral issue?

This seems to be a story straight out the wishful thinking of a parallel world  of the RIAA where it’s a ‘sin’ to download songs off the internet–out of all things gospel music.

That’s quite a statement calling downloading songs off the internet a sin.

First of all what is sin?

Sin is disobedience to God’s law.

Where is God’s Law?

God’s Law is found in the Bible.

Here this Pastor is making the assumption that downloading songs off the internet and not paying for them is a sin–disobedience to God’s Law.


Because the Bible says, “Thou shalt not steal.

As I stated before though who’s stealing and exactly why is it mentioned throughout the article that downloading songs off the internet is ‘stealing’?

Ah, yes, because of something called the DMCA which shouldn’t even exist and should repealled and/or revised.

So then, this Pastor is not saying that  it is a ‘sin’ to download songs off the internet and not paying for them because God’s Word the Bible says so, but because of something that the RIAA and the MPAA lobbied for and got made into Law–the DMCA.

That right there is not Scriptural.

The statement: “…a sin to download gospel songs without paying for them…” is ludcrious and completely unscriptural–even more since it is done in correlation with the word: “gospel.”

In Proverbs 23:23a it says, “Buy the truth, and sell it not”–in Matthew 10:8b it says, “…freely ye have received, freely give.”

The above has to do with the gospel–the good news of Jesus Christ–if it is truly ‘gospel’ music then the statement that it is, “…a sin to download gospel songs without paying for them…” is completely incorrect and an error.

“This music is made to spread the Word, and I’m just helping.’ Well, this is also about people’s livelihoods.”



I say to them what Jesus said in Matthew 22:9–“Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.”

For Jesus even said unto the Apostles, “Nor scrip [money] for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat.” (Matthew 10:10)

Whatever happened to, ” …seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”? (Matthew 6:33)

If these people are truly spreading the Word of God as they say this is what Jesus said to the Apostles in regards to spreading the ‘Gospel’.

Their ‘livelihood’–“And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” (Mark 8:34)

So if these people are who they say they are and are doing what they say there are then they certainly haven’t really know who they are or what they are going to do if they say and act they way they do.

Okay, now bringing it back–downloading a song off the internet is not stealing–it is said it is ‘stealing’ because of legislation that the RIAA and the MPAA helped to pass which should not be there. Downloading a song off the internet is copying and not stealing.

Downloading a song off the internet and not paying and copyright is not a moral issue–it is not sin–as I stated before.

(Oh, if these bands and their music is truly about the gospel they should be glad it is getting spread and shared in the fashion that it is–if they get mad about it and say that their livelihood is at stake then it’s not gospel music then because they have forgotten the promises of their God.)

Pentagon Keeping Tabs; Among Other Things

“…the Bush administration has restricted photographs of the coffins of military personnel returning to the United States and the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations taken by the news media, the videos give average Americans a level of access to combat scenes rarely available before…”

So people’s YouTube accounts get frozen and/or terminated–due to the above.

But they’re censored because the Pentagon censored them?

Freedom of Speech anyone?

People who upload them are kept tabs on?

“…the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations”

This sounds very ‘fishy’ to me to say the least.

Actually I have the video which is described in the article as having, “sniper attacks in which Americans are felled by snipers as a camera records the action and of armored Humvees or other military vehicles being hit by roadside bombs. ”

…that video is quite old though–I got it quite a while back.


What, don’t we got the MPAA for that?

What crime has anybody commited–show me the probable cause here–what gives a reasonable cause to keep tabs on any American citizen in such manner without a said warrant given by a court?

Guns In The Classroom

“…..arming teachers, principals and other school personnel as a safety measure and a deterrent” due to the recent number of school shootings.

I can hear it now:

“Whoa…! Put the gun down…!” (in Samuel L. Jackson voice)

Teachers with guns–hmm, I can see the reason for that–yes, indeed, but–somebody want to say ‘Teacher-Student’ shooting?

Unlikely but hey.

“Israel and Thailand have well-trained teachers carrying weapons and keeping their children safe from harm. It can work in Wisconsin.”

Yeah, that’s Israel and Thailand and Wisconsin is well, Wisconsin–try getting away with that in the City.

Trying to make this the Wild Wild West…?

It’s like that one Fruit Rolls Up commercial–“What will they think of next…”