One Month’s Piracy–$11,440,939,650,000?

Well, well, it seems that Donny did some math with the amount that the RIAA usually sues people per ‘infringement’ of $150,000. Then he took the number of torrents that were posted in January on The Pirate Bay which were 2370 and multipled the number of downloads and came with a figure of 76,272,931 and then multipled that by $150 and got $11,440,939,650,000. Which is more than the gross domestic product of the country of France. The gross domestic product is “the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time”.

So basically in one month–if the RIAA were to sue all of those whom downloaded all of those 2370 music files then they would have not only more money than Bill Gates but more money than all the goods and services produced within the country of France. Not even Bill Gates has that kind of money–and he’s the richest in the world! Again this only proves my point that the RIAA is insane. Because according to this, there would be absolutely no margin for there to be a music industry period. Their loss wouldn’t just be CD sales or this or that it would be the complete termination of an industry–the music business would be in shreds. Yet it is not so. Why? Because one, the RIAA is lying; two, the RIAA is crazy and three, all they want is money. Plus the RIAA doesn’t make as much money as the GDP of France. That’s ludicrous! That’s absurd. And keep in mind that these are but estimates–estimates for one month–not even a year. So let us say that for the next month it stays the same then it would be almost as much money as what the GDP of the U.S. and France is combined.

The RIAA again is crazy. They don’t really care. All they care is that they fleece as many people as they can before they are found out. Or in other terms sue as many people for the most outrageous sum as they can before someone catches on. Not only that but the RIAA breaks the law. The RIAA invades the privacy of a multitude of individuals as well as bend laws. Heh they’ve broken more subchapters of laws then most people do by downloading music off the internet. Plus the GDP of the world is only 44,433,002–so basically estimated–you’re telling me that in possibly 4 months the RIAA would have more money owed to them then the world possibly has?! Huh?

Again I will say the RIAA is crazy and they’re the one whom should be sued and not the other way around. If this were the case then the RIAA would just go away because they wouldn’t have any money for anything–not even to take the bus or the subway to go to the court house to sue someone and not even money to pay the fees of their attorney whom actually do the suing. So there you have it. More evidence that RIAA is indeed crazy and that they should go do what they were intended to do–which is not suing but giving out royalties.


3 thoughts on “One Month’s Piracy–$11,440,939,650,000?

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