Livejournal Fiction Horror Prompts Author For DNA

What in the world? So the University Police of the University of Florida asked a graduate student of English to provide fingerprints and DNA so that “they can compare the fictional murder he described in his story to evidence from any similar unsolved murders.” Say what? “They also questioned Sandifer’s advisors as to whether their students should be writing material like Sandifer’s.” Huh? Um, let me see–he can write whatever he likes because we’re not in China–we’re in America. Seriously why should that even be a concern? Then the “‘The Dean of Students’ explanation was that the police needed to look into it, but they looked into it inappropriately. Sure, investigate a complaint, but the university police shouldn’t try to play FBI.” Exactly. Seriously it’s the same thing that goes on with MySpace. This kind of stuff is starting to get ridiculous.


One thought on “Livejournal Fiction Horror Prompts Author For DNA

  1. anon says:

    “Snowspinner”/Phil Sandifer is no innocent, this is simply bad karma coming back to bite him in the ass…
    It’s all very easy to go “look at this guy he’s been abused by the authorities he’s standing up against the Man!” – but when you know what he’s like you wouldn’t. He *is* The Man on Wikipedia, and is responsible for a hell of a lot of corruption and nastiness there.

    Things “Snowspinner”/Phil Sandifer has done, and actions against him:
    “This page exists to keep tabs on Snowspinner’s (mis)behavior.”:




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