Reporters Can Be Prosecuted

The Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that he believes–believes‘ journalist can be prosecuted for publishing classified information–citing an obligation to national security. He also said that, “the First Amendment right of a free press should not be absolute when it comes to national security.”

Okay so now that the Attorney General has spoken…that the First Amendment “…should not be absolute…” when it has to do with national security. Seriously, who is he–Pharaoh? So we’re going to rewrite the Constitution, eh? Or at least the First Amendment which states that it forbids the government to, “infringe the freedom of speech“…oh, excuse me…unless it has to do with national security according to the ‘belief’ of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales whom cites an ‘obligation’ to the National Security Agency, I mean national security. Heh, then again it’s director under the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 does the following:

On another note it’s kind of ‘funny’ that the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Michael V. Hayden whom is, “responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the national intelligence program” was on Monday, May 8, 2006 nominated by President George W. Bush to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Heh, although not the first active member of the military to be appointed to run the Central Intelligence Agency it’s kind of strange. Heh. I have been reading too much 1984.


2 thoughts on “Reporters Can Be Prosecuted

  1. mikeinmanila says:

    Gonzales opinion is only that -his opinion – it is not law a decree or desision of the supreme court.
    Many other countries have shield laws to allow wistle blowers and journalists protection.
    I am fully awaree that as a human being – never mind being a journalist that if a person knows of a attack on anything or anywhere they should do the right thing and report it if only to save lives. Now in the same light if a Journalist or anyone for that mater has knoledge of a crime commited by people in Government versus others – the same should follow- report it.
    but also as any journalist or writer knows you must also be able to face the scrutiny of the law – and public and better judgement when reporting anything and be prepared to back up your information.
    So – when issues of national security are raised – sure; hand over your notebooks tapes and whatever else is needed if it will save lives. But you can always erase or delete or smear names of persons oe people who give you information… to protect them – but also be ready to face the legal side of that action.
    Freedom has responcibilites and costs too.

  2. dmotion says:

    This is indeed true–if it is to save lives, the handing over of notebooks, tapes, etc. The opinion of the Attorney General, which was just that, as you have said an opinion, was in reference to the reporter whom reported on the NSA warrantless wiretaps of Americans. He said that such reporters whom publish such classified information of that nature should be prosecuted. Although had he not published such information, these domestic warrantless wiretaps would have continued unabated as they have done so up until the publishing of this information.

    This Journalist saw it a ‘crime’, a ‘wrongdoing’, a ‘fault’ of people in the Governement for allowing such things to take place. Therefore he published such things in good will. Upon releasing this information the President, the NSA and others were questioned regarding this manner and were held accountable, reasons and justifications were asked of them. Had these things not been published such things would have not been asked of these people.

    Now the Attorney General’s opinion is that people which publish such classified information (that requires officials to be questioned, held accountable, give reasons, state justifications,) should be, can be prosecuted. To which he then cited an obligation to national security. Heh. Freedom has responsiblities–and costs…? Well, only when they are being taken away–that is when Freedom has ‘responsibility’–‘costs’.

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