Lenovo PCs Not Used By US Secure Networks

Um they are not using Lenovo PCs for ‘classified work’ because they were made in China by China…but yet they say that they are not security risk. Well, seems to me this is the same thing that happened when France opposed the War on Terror and people in Congress stopped calling French Fries ‘french’ because the French opposed the war and instead called them ‘Freedom’ Fries. Heh. Thet are right about one thing though. Lenovo is not a security risk–it’s the operating system that the Lenovo PCs run–Windows that is a security risk. They should switch to Apple’s Mac OS X if they are concerned about whatever they are concerned about then again that’s just me. It’s not the manufactuer but the things that the manfactuer’s hardware runs–Windows that is a risk–having ‘classified’ documents on a Windows computer heh. Now that is a security risk.


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