Loose Change

Well, I’m not going to subject you to the long story, but here’s the gist. I was in Split, Croatia, in Europe a couple weeks back. While I visited this English class I was asked a question of my thoughts regarding President Bush. I gave my answer and later that night the mother of the teacher of the class handed me a ziplock bag with a dark red disc in it that had a white sticker with black sharpie written: Loose Change 911–Documentary. I write this, ‘loose change’ as the director of Loose Change, Dylan Avery wrote in the blog section of his MySpace: “…there’s absolutely no control over it anymore. it has a life of its own. kinda crazy, if you think about it. almost a living organism. i’m gonna laugh the day i walk into a stranger’s house and on their DVD rack is a copy of loose change. it’s a small world, after all.” Well, my friend you can laugh it up because what you said is true and is going to remain true. That statement you make is all the more true by this story of mine. So to add to those stories…


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