Researchers Need to Make Up Their Minds

To have brain tumors or not to have brain tumors. I’ve read so many articles about whether cell phones cause or cannot cause brain tumors or if they pose a risk of brain tumors or not. After having read this article I am convinced that the argument maybe compared to the pronouciation of tomato or potato. Researches need to make up their minds.


One thought on “Researchers Need to Make Up Their Minds

  1. […] Yet another article about cell phones–this time they have said that the use of cell phones raises the risk of brain tumors by 240%–what? 240%? So what’s that?…out of a thousand…I mean come on. When every other month they come out with a new finding that it does and does not and come out with these weird numbers–I mean it’s still ’scientific’…but still come on. Wow. I remember reading an article in Pop Sci about how that it was–that it was inconculsive. But wow. Yet another one.   […]

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