Apple’s 30th

April 1st is Apple’s 30th birthday. It is also the date which Gmail was launched as well. I was reading this article by Chris Steven who says that if Apple won’t release anything I guess ‘worthy’ of it’s 30th birthday that he’ll…’kill’ himself…?! I’m really not getting it–or catching his drift, of course April 1st is also April Fools so yeah but this statement from Chris Steven makes me wonder though: “literally out on the window ledge… if Apple doesn’t deliver, will there be any choice for the self-respecting hack but to die with honour?” So…yeah, um anyways someone should tell Google to release the Google Browser or the Google OS…Oh, wait…hold on.

(dmotion clears throat) Google, would you please release something on April 1st? Like the rumored Google Browser, the Google OS, Google TV, or anything else you might have. Thank You For Your Time. Have A Nice Day.–dmotion.

Anyways I wonder what this guy will do. We’ll just have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Apple’s 30th

  1. Happy Birhjday Apple and happier birthday Gmail. App’s had a great year except for France and so has Gmail.

  2. Happy Birthday Apple & Gmail

    April 1 30 years ago, 2 virtually unknown Steve’s – Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaic, founded Apple Inc and started selling their revolutionary computer – Apple I and the rest is history. Today Apple Inc is one the world’s best known Techno Com…

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