Paris Hilton Has Brothers?

Wow I almost didn’t believe it. Wow. It was like when I found out that Paris Hilton was actually being considered about playing the part of Mother Teresa…I don’t know if this–finding out she has brothers or finding out that she was being considered about playing the part of Mother Teresa was more shocking…I don’t even know if that’s the right word to use.


One thought on “Paris Hilton Has Brothers?

  1. […] What? She has brothers and she is actually seriously being considered to play the role of Mother Teresa? “But you already knew that,” you might say. Yeah, but I didn’t know it was actually being serious serious like that. The director T. Rajeevnath reasoning for it is because, “Her features resemble Mother Teresa…” according to a computer-generated image showed a close facial match between Paris Hilton and the Albanian-born nun. Um…wow…I guess they were drunk or something maybe. Heckler Spray however says that they had a conversation with the director in which he said, “Yeah yeah, we’re saying we’re gonna get Paris Hilton in on it, but really, she’s a bit wank, and we’re just doing it to get some publicity. However, we had been drinking that day, and our collective memory does have a habit of playing the trick on us.” How far that is from the truth I don’t know. What I guess I’m finding out is that Mother Teresa features resemble Paris Hilton? Anyways, wahtever.   […]

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