Fined For Using Open Wi-Fi?

Well apparently a guy in Illinois was fined $250 for “theft of services” when a police officer saw him sitting in a car, using an open Wi-Fi connection of a non-profit agency in the middle of the night. The police said about how one could get a year in jail for this. For that? Really? Wow. Like the article says what crime exactly is a person commiting when using an open Wi-Fi connection? Okay one thing is trepassing physically and another is saying you are virtually trespassing on someone’s virtual property. But even then you’d have to define what virtual property means and what virtual trepassing signifies. Still another point brought up that I find hilarious is what happens when someone is found using “EVDO or HSDPA cellular data card in their car gets arrested by a police officer who doesn’t recognize the difference.” I think that when that happens–for it will it a future time someone is going to start giving a lot of complaints to either local or federal lawmakers about it, possibly.


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